Just for fun. Your prediction

I will ask y’all haters to set aside your quarrels for a while and play along.

Your prediction. When will the country start to open for business again. I’m not looking for a deep analysis. Just a date. I’ll start. Being very optimistic.

May 4.

November 4, 2020. Trump will be re-elected and it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Ok, real answer, 4/17/20.

That would be great.

And welcome back!

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I may be wrong:

Trump wants us back to work by Easter. :smiley:

magic 8 ball says: “Concentrate and ask again.”

May 1st

Depends what you mean by open for business? It wont be a set date. It will be a slowly stuff.
But i think starting April 15th the restrictions start to be lifted and by may 6th - the conversation has moved to when will be 100% open.

July 3rd