Just don't call it open borders

Based on?

No we don’t.

The more people buying stuff the higher the GDP.


And the more they buy it with government handouts, the higher the rate of inflation.

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That’s just silly.

Some will get low paying jobs…but for the most part we are just going to be spending more taxpayer dollars that we don’t have to pay for the impoverished from other countries…

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Do you understand that the whole asylum BS is a game? Virtually all of these people are bypassing other geographically closer countries, majority of which also accept asylum seekers. Why do think they are doing that? Why do you think that they are paying human smugglers for the trip to the US? Do you think it’s possibly because those other countries won’t give as much if at all any free stuff at their taxpayers expense?

“[A] vast majority of these families [from Central America] don’t show up in immigration court and they get an order in absentia, because they – not only did they enter the country illegally and go into hiding, they won’t appear in front of an immigration judge… [L]ook at the facts of what’s going on, look at how many families do not get a final fear finding from a judge – because most don’t; like 80 percent of them do not … So there’s a lot of fraud going on. And they know it, and they’re certainly not going to show up to a judge and, you know, present a fraudulent case. And 80 percent don’t get a fear finding. So … I think a majority of them are taking advantage of a low threshold, and there’s a lot of asylum fraud going on, and they’re hiding … They figured out the loopholes. They figured that, as I just said, they can come and have due process at great taxpayer expense and just disappear into society.”

Also from the link:

“But these migrants choose to come straight to America because it was all along a matter of destination not persecution. They want to come here for a better life, many to join family members who preceded them. To do that, they learned the drill: Turn yourself in to U.S. officials and ask for asylum, then disappear as you await your day in court.”


You are forgetting the costs side of the equation. I didn’t see you respond to the following thread:

What’s silly about more people buying stuff to stimulate the GDP?


Not true. The majority disappear and never appear at their hearing because they have no legal right to be here.

We have never been good at kicking most out.

Those two things are not related.

Another falsehood dispelled.

92% show up for their hearing (aka people want to stay here legally)


And one can find sources to dispute that:

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Here’s a chart for in absentia rates for immigration cases.

See the last row asylum.

11% in fiscal 2017.


Bottom line asylum seekers show up for court.

There is no disputing the facts I have presented.


What I have found regarding the immigration debate is that often the so-called “facts” absolutely can be disputed:

“Did 98.7 Percent of Non-Detained Asylum Seekers Really Attend All of Their Asylum Hearings?” https://cis.org/Arthur/Did-987-Percent-NonDetained-Asylum-Seekers-Really-Attend-All-Their-Asylum-Hearings


In absentia rates cannot be disputed.

They are facts.

The overwhelming majority of asylum cases are decided not in absentia.


Nonsense. First off, it is not legal unless they come through an official entry point. All of those migrants who turn themselves in to the border patrol cross at unofficial points thus are illegal. But more on point, they know before they cross the border that any claim for asylum will be taken as valid on face value with no proof beyond their word. The vast majority of the illegal migrants are here for economic reasons, which is NOT a valid reason for asylum.

Not when they are using taxpayer money to make their purchases.

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Do you have a source for that chart? This is the actual government figure as reported. It looks to me like about half of cases are decided inabsentia.


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What is silly is giving them my money (and presumably yours) to buy things when they themselves produce nothing.

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