Just a little game of who do you think blew that whistle?

Not to be political…not to be very debater…just who do you think that whistle blower is.

I’m going with this. It’s not someone we know of. I think it’s some underling in the admin.

This is unlikely, but it’d be amazing if it was John Bolton.


Connor Sethuelson


larry sinclair?

reggie love?


Well she did when she married him. We should start a pool to guess how long she’ll stay with him after he’s an ex-pres.

Someone outside of the intel community which is why the ICIG was the wrong venue for the complaint.

The hippocampus of Christine Blasey Ford.


Mike Pence?

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Pence could not file such a complaint with the ICIG since he’s not employed by the IC. It would be an invalid complaint.

Lame try by the way.

Trump says we’re going to learn interesting things about the whistler. I’m still waiting for those interesting things his investigators found in Hawaii.

LeRoy Brown…

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Valerie Plame


The whistle blower is fake news.

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Ya know I’ve heard that from a few TrumpCons today.

I wonder if it was 46?

I have my money on 46 too.

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John Brennan illegitimate child trying to get back in grace with daddy.

I have to go with Christopher Plummer.