Just A Fair Process

Recently, on a politics forum, I posed questions concerning Kavanaugh and Ford. The forum had a conservative bent. I asked simple questions stating the 2 high schools Georgetown Prep and Holton Arms were 7.1 miles apart. Therefore, when and where did they meet, how often did their social circles intersect, did any of their friends’ date, did they date a friend of each other’s, did her grades drop precipitously after alleged event, and so on.

For this I was called a liberal Troll. Trolling of course was against the forum rules and so I was suspended.

The suggestion of looking for context was considered liberal trolling as opposed to objective evaluation of evidence. To each their own.

However, given the actions of Google, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. How objective are the censors or partisans. The tech companies admit their bias but say it does not impact their users. Our host has complained of bias by said companies on his show.

The host of a forum has the right and perhaps even the obligation to set rules of engagement. There are moderators given the responsibility to enforce those rules. However, all of the forums that are established to exchange political viewpoints should be champions of free speech and function as a public square. Similar to tech platforms. What is the remedy when they lose their objectivity and become biased in the enforcement of their rules? What is the remedy when those that disagree with you can silence you?

Looking at Kavanaugh and how far partisans go, are the forums promoting intellectual exchange or are they fiefdoms where nonobjective biased personalities get to assassinate ideas they disagree with.

I am a liberal Troll on one forum and a Trumpster on this one. What is sad is that a person with a different perspective can on a whim silence anybody, Like Google, Twitter or Facebook.

They last place you would expect that is on a platform with a conservative free speech proponent as a sponsor. To the host, I only ask for a fair process.

What safeguards do the forums use to make sure the moderators are not acting with a bias?

Word of advice, stay away from the DU.

What safeguards?

None… they don’t have to… it’s not your playground.

Was banned from there years ago. And they make no bones about it.

Their discussions are to be Dem friendly. No debate welcome.

You can be on the “left” or “far left”!

This is not true, DU will kick you out if you are far left and say mean things about Clinton.

I call it, Dumbasses Unlimited. Its a democrat think tank type of place.

what is DU?

Uncle Jez,

I understand that leftist like censorship and controlled press. That does not make it line up with a free speech culture.

Just say Bias is good, propaganda is good, censorship is good.

You have the right to free speech.

You don’t have the right to someone else’s private platform.

It isn’t your sandbox… it isn’t your rules.

It isn’t hard.

the question is,

do the platforms have an obligation to be fair?

only a few weeks ago I addressed bias in a thread. I said the laws would be looked at. They are being looked at for Google.

Editorial pages choose who to publish as well, there are biased papers. do you think that is good?

They have no obligation to be fair.

The only obligation that they have is to their shareholders.

Welcome to America Comrade.

fairness is part of our culture. but you seem to like tyrants.

Since when is fairness part of the culture comrade?

Our culture is about market efficiency and maximizing shareholder value.

Fairness is a lie that you were told in kindergarten.

since I was in kindergarten, markets are fair, taxation is not.

If you think markets are fair, I have a bunch of Enron stock I would like to sell to you.

I missed you while I was banned.

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was Enron regulated?

Apparently not nearly enough.

apparently too much.

How too much?