June 1-2, 2020 - President Trump and AG Barr IG - Report out on Lafayette Park was cleared for fence install

Seems like not many of the major outlets are covering the Inspector General report just out.

It covers how the law enforcement had already planned to clear crowds in order to install fencing the next day after the St John’s Episcopal Church was damaged the evening before. Also mentions at least 49 Park Service Police police suffered injuries in trying to keep order in and around the White House those last few days.

Tweets of outrage by various Democrats, military generals and core members of various news outlets attempting to connect President’s Trump visit to the church the next day are now officially reported here as not accurate. According to this report, the police did not even become aware of #45’s intentions to walk over from the White House to the damaged place of worship until only a few hours before it occurred.

I don’t imagine anybody who had this wrong will be issuing public apologies for rushing to judgment here will they?

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There was a plan in place to clear the crowd at 7pm, when the curfew went into effect.

They cleared the crowd 40 minutes early, with no warnings, because the President wanted a photo-op.


because the leftist masters said so.

who will i believe? an anonymous leftist talking point machine on a board, or the ig who investigated it?

decisions, decisions.

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Yet another corrupt media mass hysterical lie to “get Trump” exposed as a complete fraud.

Trump - 7, 396
corrupt media - 0

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They were helping the rabble to not violate curfew.

You’re welcome!

The clearing wasn’t for the photo op.

The photo op capitalized on the clearing out early with no warning… which is still objectively bad… but it wasn’t done just for the photo op.


How’s his second term going so far?..ooops, never mind…lol.:grin::grin::grin:


I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I know you’re going to believe what you want to believe.

But you shouldn’t expect others to swallow garbage just because you really want it to be true. The IG works for the Park Police.

I’ll let you know.

Brendan Morrow, Staff Writer

Wed, June 9, 2021, 3:45 PM

Wow…it only took a year for a portion of the media to reveal the truth.

If you take the IG report at its word.

I don’t. I saw what happened.


Fair enough.

lol… believing what you want to believe because its what you want to believe is what you’re doing. I’m believing the IG report. You know, the guys we pay to investigate and report on these things.

Any word on an investigation into the dimocrat/blm inspired Assault on The White House that took place the night before??

The one where over 160 law enforcement were injured as the mayor of D.C. declined to send help (seems to be a trend with her btw),

There was warning.

the ig is lying because… trump hate

Me too. They cleared out the stinkin rabble and some of the rabble were hurling objects at law enforcement.

And said rabble were about to break curfew.

Great job guys.

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We don’t pay the IG - the Department of the Interior does.

And the IG’s job is to protect the interests of the Department.

Yes we do pay them.

Only in the same sense that we pay the cops, too.