July Jobs Report

I didn’t see this posted yet…

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the July jobs report.

• 164,000 jobs added in July
• Unemployment rate unchanged at 3.7%
• Wages increase 3.2% year over year
• Labor force at 163.4 million; record high employment

Also of note:
• Inflation remains low at 1.4%
• 363,000 workers moved from part-time to full-time employment in July



Nice report. Riding the wave. MAGA!

Great news.

This will surely help with the currently -600 point stock drop!


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All that’s needed now is to keep unemployment down “below 8%” until November next year. lol

I’ve seen the report couple days ago, great news.

Trade war with China will help…and other friendlier nations as well. Hopefully corporations will start pulling out of China to more friendlier territory.

I’ve been seeing news reports [ETA: over the last two years or so] of US companies leaving China for better SE Asian partners.

I wouldn’t wanna do business in a country that allows anyone to use the “iPhone” name on their cheap knockoffs either.

Yep. If we can’t steal your technology you can’t do business with us…and libs love em for it.

And Google…Google is now owned by Chinese dictators. And libs love em for it.

When did you start trusting the BLS numbers again?

That aside, it’s a good report. Kudos to the Trump team for sustaining his good economy.

Your bait isn’t even interesting. :sleeping:

Good news!

I have the same question for conservatives you do sir.
I give props when its due. The cons flipped on believing the numbers.