Julian Assange arrested

After the long wait, Julian Assange has lost his privileges at the Ecuadorian Embassy for repeated violations… and he didn’t clean up after his cat.


I’d be curious to see if there will be any attempt to bring him to US for interrogation.

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he’s basically a dude that probably broke a bunch of laws and then hid out in a cave for 7 years.


CNN is reporting that he was arrested based on an extradition request from the US.

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Interesting. That’s a small positive step. I hope it leads to something fruitful.

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He looks really rough

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Given what wikileaks has leaked in the past 10 or so years my advice to Trump would be careful what you wish.

Tears me up!
Breaks my heart!
Makes me want to cry!


Suck it up buttercup!

Enjoy your jail time!

Isn’t it ironic how Assange/Wikileaks were helping Trump win and how well he was rewarded for his help today?

It will be interesting to see how he and wikileaks react to the arrest… Trump better hope they don’t have information they have been holding back…

I remember not too long ago this guy was loved by the left.

I would expect Trump to have some very sleepless nights wondering WHEN not if wikileaks publish some very compromising, for Trump, information.

From an Aussie context we have just gone into caretaker mode so Australia’s response will be interesting.

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Don’t forget the nearly decade old insurance policy.

My guess is that it’s a actually an encrypted rip of James Cameron’s epic, Avatar.


Conspiracy… hmmmm…

Okay, well… they liked and wanted Trump… and now they got him.

You think Trump is the only one?

I’m sure their are troves of information in their possession… Trump, however, has the most to lose…

Not hardly.

Good ■■■■ this guy

Don’t forget. Assange promised to be extradited if Manning was granted clemency.

He didn’t, obviously. Because, in his own words, he’s “not an idiot”.