Judo code of ethics

Sad to see religion rearing it’s ugly head and effecting the Olympic judo competition.

Two people refused a Olympic judo match with a fellow judo enthusiast and forfeited a match

Bad karma. Myself, it would be an honor to fight for my country in athletic competition.

One of the main tenets of judo is courage.

May be time for a refresher course for these athletes.


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Here another story about redemption in judo.

Iran told him to lose in 2019.

So he fled the country and now represents Mongolia.

He won silver and dedicated it to Israel.

A true sportsman.


Mixed feelings about this one.

It appears the Algerian competitor withdrew from competition against his Israeli opponent, citing support for Palestine. It’s a peaceful protest. He didn’t disrupt the games, or ask for another opponent to suit him.

Might have been an opportunity to rise up as the underdog & vanquish over his opponent, or leave politics behind & simply compete as an athlete.

A Sudanese competitor has also bowed out of competing against, IIRC, the same competitor. Not sure how Khartoum will take it, though, if he’ll face reprisals at home or not as Khartoum has normalized relations with Israel.