Judiciary chair vows special counsel report will be made public: ‘We can invite Mueller to testify’

Weird isn’t it? Politicians in our government are saying that they’ll actually use their rights to make sure our citizens see the report that will tell us who in our country colluded with foreign entities. They’re afraid one party will bury the report.

That’s messed up.

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Yes, it is messed up.

Either side burying report findings is messed up.

I would love to think we are in a day and age wen that wouldn’t happen, but I think I am engaging in fantasyland thinking.

The truth, what ever it is, should be revealed for all to see. “We” paid for this, now show us what we paid for.

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Good. Whatever is in the report needs to be made public.

A report of this magnitude would make its way to the public regardless.


I do think some people want to bury it. Figures.