Judicial Watch/Tom Fitton puts out Fake News, meant to sow apprehension of Iowa voting integrity

No it isn’t… he has attempted to get foreign influence into our election process twice now. Those things actually happened, even if he and his team were unsuccessful.

Schiff saying that has merit… even if you don’t want to believe it.

Judicial watch put out information easily debunked with actual facts about the voter registration. You can have partisan glasses on and still see that lie.


Of course it was made up scare tactic. He asked for an investigation and that was supposed to bring into question the future of the 2020 election? Nonsense, even if there had been an investigation it would doubtless not have been on the scale of what the Democrats have been doing since they took over the House.
Did Schiff name specific ways that the election would be so unfair that the Democrats had to take the right from the voters to choose a President in 2020?
What if Judicial Watch had just said How can we allow the voters to choose in Iowa, because the elections might not be fair? Would that be OK?

I know little about Judicial watch, but has any evidence been brought in this thread to show they meant to sow doubt in the integrity of the election by making false statements? Did anyone offer to meet with them and ask where they got their supposed information and see if they could explain to them where they were wrong and ask them to withdraw their statement?

And the fact that a cleaned up current voter registration list was provided does not mean that there was no problem. The “Tweet” accusing Judicial watch of fake news is showing updated current voter registration information that was just released. So one ought to wonder if these updated roles aren’t the result of what Judicial watch put out. Judicial watch did not claim that this was voter fraud, only stated that there were more registered voters than possible according to data from " the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in 2019 and the most recent U.S. Census Bureau’s five-year American Community Survey, "

My guess would be the apparent discrepancy was likely just not removing people who had moved away or died…probably no big deal.

Twice. 2 times Trump tried to bring a foreign country into our elections for his benefit.

If they offered verified evidence of why they would be unfair… then it would be fine.

What difference does any of this make. They made a blatantly false statement. And have yet to apologize or retract it

Oh please. In one case he asked for an investigation, that’s all.
In the other…well, that claim has been look into.
There is no risk that the 2020 election will be unfair…at least not from Trump. Schiff made a false allegation.

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Come on… Barr summary.

It has and they found numerous attempts by Trump and his associates to try and get dirty on his political opponent from a foreign gov.

Schiff is rightfully worried that he will attempt again… aren’t you?

Are you new here???


Sorry couldn’t resist.

This happens all the time by many dem’s on the board. Taking threads in a new direction.


They are still counting in Iowa. These incompetent leftists wants to take over every part of out lives. They want people to be scared of President Trump. :rofl:

Hasn’t the Obamacare website cost taxpayers more than the wall?

On what basis? Based on Trump saying it won’t cost the USA taxpayers 1 cent?

What would the cost be if we put 27,000 troops on the border? Mexico is doing that. HA!

Speaking of fake news, just wondering if the Dems have started blaming the Russians yet for the Iowa fiasco?

To the USA taxpayers: zero cents.

Get real aussie. How many less immigrants are crossing the border that taxpayers have to take care of?

Russia hacked the Iowa caucus. I like it.

Could you give some examples of such baseless lawsuits?

Their supporters struggle to understand the voting rules in their caucus voting and other elections, and their leaders struggle to count beyond ten. Yet they want to run the nation?

:rofl: Stick to the narrative!

All of the Democrats are declaring victory in Iowa. :smile:

I guess Tulsi Gabbard was in with them on that… in queen bee Hillary and her acolytes’ hive-mind.

Nope. More worried about fake impeachments for political gain.

Can’t we all just agree that giving this much power to Iowa is a huge mistake?

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