Judicial Watch/Tom Fitton puts out Fake News, meant to sow apprehension of Iowa voting integrity

From Jamie Dupree’s Facebook:
"We often talk about fake news. Today, the group Judicial Watch put out a fake report, which raised ominous claims of possible voter fraud in Iowa - timed to today’s Iowa Caucuses.

In a news release, Judicial Watch claimed seven different counties had more people registered to vote than the actual size of their voting age population.

That simply is not true.

It only took me about five minutes to completely debunk the findings of Judicial Watch. There is voter data publicly available on the website of the Iowa Secretary of State, which is updated monthly, and shows the number of people registered to vote in all 99 counties in Iowa."

People need to stop swallowing this stuff without question and without thinking things through. Use some critical thinking skills! Don’t let these sick freaks win.


What a coincidence this went out right when the CEC Talking Point du jour was “Democrats gearing up to steal the nomination from Bernie again”.

Iowa Secretary of State having to waste his time refuting these sick freaks.

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Judicial Watch is really nothing different from WND or Infowars. Just another grift in a long line of grifters taking advantage of the gullible and those who are desperate to have their biases confirmed. They will gleefully fabricate documents, allege evidence existing that never was, and boldly lie to every last one of their “followers” in order to make money. A sucker born every minute.


Judicial Watch has always been a dirt bag organization, back from when Larry Klayman founded it.

It basically harasses its perceived enemies with baseless lawsuits.

It is a total embarrassment.


And it is unfortunate, because such dirt baggery eclipses the rational and ethical discourse offered by such publications and organizations such as the National Review, Cato Foundation, the Heritage Foundation and others.


Sounds like a better description for CNN, MsDnc, NY Times and Washington Post to me.


This is a defense mechanism.

Try again.


Sounds like a desperate deflection to me.

The sick freaks at Judicial Watch still have not retracted their filthy Fake News. Who needs Russia when you have these traitors posting this garbage.

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But Schiff said we couldn’t be sure the election would be fair.

So what’s the claim here even? It’s a caucus. They’re counting physical humans.

Is this to push for national ID? Republicans are weird.

Or, is an actual description of Judicial Watch.


What does that have to do with with Iowa caucus and this story.

Is this early onset of Schiff Tourette’s?


Posters were complaining about undermining faith in elections. Schiff is the king of that. That’s the relevance. If you are opposed to undermining the legitimacy of elections, which seems to be the complaint, Schiff should be your concern.
Remember, it was Hillary herself who said that questioning the legitimacy of elections was a threat to our democracy.

Please stay on topic.

You’re welcome to start a thread on that topic.

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Judicial watch literally put out fake news… what does this have to do with Schiff? He put out blatant fake news

I just wrote one simple sentence which I considered relevant. The rest was just responding to the rather offensively placed comment by Zander.
Note that the thread concerns sowing apprehension of voting integrity.
That sowing of apprehension was what I was discussing.
If one is going to discuss sowing of apprehension of voting integrity, then Schiffs comment is a perfect example.

Yes, he certainly did. Voting integrity being threatened by Trump? Too great a risk? Yes, that is made up nonsense. What does he realistically expect Trump to do? It is sowing fear and creating an imaginary threat.
Since you asked.