Judges Issues Preliminary Injunction Over Florida Vaccination Law

@TheDoctorIsIn - Can you find the injunction?

Appears this came down yesterday. The injunction appears to prevent the enforcement of the law which prevents business owners from enacting certain safety protocols requiring that customers be vaccinated to use the owners private property.

Interested in finding out if the injunction applies to just Norwegian Cruise Lines or is a more general injunction applicable to all businesses.


Why are you asking “The Doctor is in”? Wouldn’t Saifel be the person who knows about this stuff?

TDII is an attorney.

Safiels last post was Dec 14th.


This particular order is as to NCL only.


Thank you.



It’s a long order, I haven’t read it yet.

It should apply to all businesses.

In my opinion, Government has no grounds (except for what it has effectively and unconstitutionally usurped) to tell a company how to run its business.