Judges come out against two proposed NC amendments

Yeah, I know it’s a shocker that the Republican Super Majority are trying to give themselves more power…

“Retired Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens, who served on the Wake County bench for 33 years, said Thursday that lawmakers are tired of having their laws ruled unconstitutional, so they want to resort to “good ol’ boy politics” and put themselves in charge of deciding who sits on the bench.”

Those are some of the most terrible politicians in our country. I’m surprised more people aren’t paying attention. Probably because Trump’s stupidity dominates every news cycle.

just the response i expected for the last day.

Soooo, the people should not be allowed to determine how judges are seated?

That’s the funny part. They have a Republican Super Majority (thru gerrymandering of course) and had a republican governor. No amendments.

Then a Democrat won the governorship. So amendments.

Sleaze bags.