Judge who helped illegal, indicted by feds

This needs to happen a lot more.

Newton District Court Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and the court officer, identified in court documents as Wesley MacGregor, face several charges stemming from an April 2, 2018 incident in which the pair allegedly helped Jose Medina-Perez get out of the courthouse via a back door in order to elude the ICE agent who sought Medina-Perez.

For those of you wondering what obstruction of justice looks like this is it:

“What if we detain him?" the judge asked before requesting the clerk to turn off the courtroom’s audio recorder, leaving nearly a minute unrecorded.

The judge even went so far as to turn off the recording of what was being said to help a person in this country illegally.

Oh and this is the fun part:

Medina-Perez, a twice-deported illegal immigrant with a fugitive warrant for drunken driving in Pennsylvania, had been in Joseph’s courtroom in order to be arraigned on drug charges, the Boston Globe previously reported.

That’s right. This guy has already been deported TWICE (so he has come back a third time. Gets caught with drugs (current trial) AND has a felony DUI warrant outstanding in another state!

Why his latest kicking out of the country was delayed – twice deported, drug charges, felony DUI . . . should be a gavel pounding with a judge saying on the next flight home!


This is pretty pathetic. Maybe we should all just disregard laws we don’t like.

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Dems want to see obstruction of justice, they should read the article. THEN they will know what obstruction of justice is.


I remember when this happened and the libs here cheered. I’m cheering too…that true justice just prevailed.


Care to link to the “libs here cheered?” I’d like to see who it was and what they cheered.


Drunk Driving, we’ve heard about illegals who’ve been convicted of drunk driving, get deported, then come back, and kill people when they drink and drive again. This judge is clueless. Sick that a judge would proactively let illegals flee within the country. Also, no wall, even if deported, they can come back unfortunately.

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The Attorney General of Massachusetts believe that state court judges should have the independence to break federal laws within their courtrooms.

“Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said in a statement the indictment “is a radical and politically-motivated attack on our state and the independence of our courts.””

DeBlasio is an example of a politician who wants to protect illegal drunk drivers.

https://thehill.com/homenews/media/31679"If you’re a drunk driver and you’re an undocumented immigrant, why should there be a place for you in this country?” Tapper asked.6-deblasio-to-cnn-its-ok-to-shield-undocumented-drunk-drivers,

"Jake, there are 170 offenses in that law that are listed as serious and violent crimes that lead to automatic cooperation between the city of New York and our federal partners,” DeBlasio replied. “So any serious and violent crime, we’re going to work with them.”

“Is grand larceny or drunk driving a very minor offense?” Tapper followed.

“Drunk driving that does not lead to any other negative outcome, I could define as that,” DeBlasio said.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, nearly 10,000 Americans are killed each year as a result of drunk driving, or 27 people per day.

It only matters or is serious I guess if you kill somebody.

I don’t remember that. Perhaps a link.

She isn’t clueless. She knows exactly what’s going on, it’s just that she
is a Liberal Politically Correct Socialist Activist, that wants open borders,
and Sanctuary Cities, wants things like rights for Terrorists.

The Democrat Politicians intentionally make sure that they pack
the courts with **** like this Liberal Judge.

Oh how sweet it is! :smile: She needs to be removed from the bench, disbarred and jailed to make it even sweeter!

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I dunno. The Democrat Politicians are going to try and protect their own, most of the time.
It simply comes down to how much attention this gets, and how much the American people hold the Democratic Politicians accountable. And how much the corrupt Democrat Politicians will stand up for their Insane-left wing Socialist Judges.

The mouse eats the Cheese, The Cat eats the mouse, The dog eats
the Cat, The Wolf eats the dog, but who eats the Wolf?
I do! I do.

You’re right she is not clueless she is an activist judge who has no business in our judicial system, it’s a blatant example of preferential treatment for illegals. :angry:

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Why pay taxes into Social Security and other government programs(that honest hard working Americans have done so for years), when Illegals can just come and go as they
please, and get free Food Stamps, free Welfare, Free healthcare, and free
whatever they want?

Wait a second, that sorta sounds like Democratic Socialism. Hu, I wonder what the American people think of California, and Illegals and Refugees taking advantage of them, and their hard work?

I know!!! Let’s ask the people who want to retire but can’t because the Democratic Politicians have ****** them over! lol. Actually, that’s not funny at all, it’s sad and pathetic.

Dear Americans, no need to work for a paycheck any more. You need to work, to simply hand your paycheck over to help run things like Sanctuary Cities, and to support illegals, and refugees, but just remember ya’ll…………It’s all about Abortions, I meant it’s all about the “Rapists” of the children refugees, wait, I got it this time, the Dem Dem Politicians, say it’s all about the “children”, and that is how they’re trying to justify not supporting the border wall, and several other things relating to refugees, and or illegals.

This was one bad actor.

NO WAY should he have been shuffled out the back door. It should never happen. This case is so egregious that the obstruction charges are warranted and absolutely necessary.


Well if judges can help people evade authorities, why can’t regular citizens? Should regular citizens be allowed to shield criminals?

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I’ll remember that if I ever get pulled over for DUI or DWI and didn’t kill anyone in an accident. “It’s not that big of deal and shouldn’t be prosecuted.”

Of course not, but we live in a two tier justice system where Democrat Judges, and
Democrat Politicians constantly do illegal things and get away with it all of the time!

What needs to happen, is that the American people need to hold them accountable and stop voting for Democrats in general.

I think that someone should look into all the cases she presided over to see if there is any other evidence of SJW activism.


Thank you for that great post!