Judge Who Gave Stanford Rapist 6 Months in Jail is Recalled

Superior court judge Aaron Persky has been recalled for giving what was considered a very lenient sentence to Brock Turner who was a student at the time. He was convicted of raping a fellow student while she was intoxicated. The judge is defending his sentence as just and that this only causes a judge to ask themselves what will public opinion be vs what’s the right thing to do based on the law?

I remember a thread on this back when it happened and I thought the judge’s decision was very inappropriate. It looks like his constituents did too. What say you?

His rationale that they were both intoxicated doesn’t fly.

One was unconscious. And the rapist tried to flee when he was spotted.

When I read what the witnesses said regarding him attempting to flee, there was no doubt then that he had his faculties and should be held accountable for his evil actions. The judge also stated that it may cause a judge to not abide by the laws and facts of the case but more to consider public opinion. I disagree. It sends a message that that’s exactly what he should do…abide by the law. The prosecutor asked for 6 years but the judge chose 6 months and the rapist got out after just 3 months. That isn’t justice for the victim IMO.

Yeah I’d have to hear more about his rationale really.

Cause 6 months seems nuts, even for someone who had a clean slate and was intoxicated.

He knew enough to run.

Turner - intoxicated or not - lacks social consciousness. He may actually be mentally ill. That gets into a whole can of worms. Personally, I think such people are dangerous. But he will probably go on to become a successful lawyer or some type of business predator. I don’t know what should be done with them.