Judge T.S. Ellis III lets case against Manafort move forward

Interesting, I guess after he read the full unredacted order from Mueller he let it move on.

“U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III issued the ruling. Ellis had previously grilled Mueller’s team, questioning whether they brought the case to get Manafort to testify against Trump.”

Yeah, not a shocker here by any means. I know this will disappoint a great many conspiracy theorists here who just knew for certain that the line of questioning of the Mueller team by Ellis was proof-positive that Mueller has overstepped his bounds.

No reasonable person expected anythign different.

The qanon, pizzagating nutballs however…well they’re confused again.


Flashback time

“Just when im walking on the stage, a highly respected judge in Virginia made statements…”

The judge’s observation was — and they had no good answer for him — that they’re just going after Manafort, they’re not even interested in Manafort, all they want to do is kind of trap the president. So that’s really important to us because we don’t want him trapped.”

“It’s good to have an independent member of the judiciary point that out,” Giuliani added.

Still good, Rudy?

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lololol. The Daily Caller is provably ■■■■■

This is gonna be like the Newt/Mueller thing all over again.

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■■■■■■■ Newt.

That was before he realized that Mueller was not going to play their game :rofl:

Gotta love when they just tee it up like this:

Trump had even read some of Ellis’ quotes aloud during a National Rifle Association rally, and as late as early June, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani had built up suspense around the ruling, saying the judge was taking weeks to craft an opinion because “there’s a real problem” with Mueller’s appointment.

That’s some true Newt Action:

Maybe the ruling will bring Rudy out of hiding. He’s probably holed up with his mistress who’s the side-chick from his third wife.

Maybe he flew off to Turkey again. Erdogan won, and Rudy likes to keep his lips near the ass of guys like that.

Rudy Giuliani campaigning in La. for new girlfriend’s congressional candidate boss — whom Trump opposes


Surely this judge is a Mexican, or Musim, or Gay, or something something…

Looks like the case is going forard. A little refresher for interested folks.

150 blank subpoenas. That’s enough to compel testimony from 75 witnesses.

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Or six of Trump’s aliases