Judge says Trump campaign screwed up on wording of confidentiality agreements

"Lawyers for the Trump campaign tried to force the case into private arbitration based on an agreement signed by staffers that included nondisclosure and nondisparagement provisions. In her decision, Judge Arlene Bluth of New York State Supreme Court disclosed flaws in the wording of the agreement that she said limited its scope.

The ruling exposes potential weaknesses in the non-disparagement and non-disclosure agreements that staff at Trump’s White House, his campaign, and the Trump Organization have been made to sign."

uh oh. There is no way that Donald Trump wants the truth to come out. He better hope that the wording wasn’t messed up in all those NDAs.

You should have posted this in the Omarosa NDA thread… Let all the legal eagles there debate about how enforceable her NDA is because it’s “different”…

Here is the order …

But that’s impossible! Trump only hires the best people!

It should also be pointed out that the plaintiff in this case, Jessica Denson, is a 32 year-old actress and journalist and is representing herself…

Fake judge issues a fake ruling. Impeach this so called judge.

After reading the ruling, it looks as though she has a case as well.

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Denson is suing the Trump campaign in state court for $25 million, alleging she was subjected to “severe and pervasive slander, aggravated harassment, attempted theft, cyberbullying, and sexual discrimination and harassment” by her former supervisor, Camilo Sandoval, and other campaign staffers after she received a promotion to “mobilize the campaign’s Hispanic engagement effort” in September 2016.

And? Did you have a point?

Any guesses on how long it will be before we see a tweet from Trump containing the words “so called judge?”