Judge refuses same sex marriages

A judge has a right to follow their own conscience even if the law says differently. If for instance, if a law was passed, saying all people with green eyes should be put to death, a judge should be able to pass on taking that case.

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Psst - Kim Davis as a government employee lost her case and all appeals.


True. But your conscience should apply to yourself. Conscience has nothing to do with two other people. Unless there is a victim. And there is no victim here. Gay marriage has not damaged a single non gay marriage. It’s time to move on people.


Such a law would not be found constitutional.

Civil Marriage for Same-sex Couple is constitutional.

The Judge is free not to perform civil marriages at all. The Judge is not empowered to perform those duties in a discriminatory manner.

Simple solution, don’t perform Civil Marriages since they are not a required duty of the office.

If it’s not a requirement of the job, then she can pick and choose which to perform as she wishes.

Kim Davis lost because she was preventing her whole office from doing the job, not just herself.

You are assuming all laws that are passed are sane laws, or that the constitution will be upheld, or that judges will be sane.

Gay marriage has been around for several years now. And as a conservative, it has had zero effect on my life. Why should I care if Ellen calls Portia her wife? I means really, has it harmed a single human being?


I think most people have, it’s when people start saying churches etc… have to do the service where it shouldn’t be imho. As far as this judge goes she should follow the law.

Agreed. :+1: If someone who supports gay marriage attends a church that doesn’t, they can switch to one that does. There are many now. And more all of the time.

Lots of people feel that a society effects their children’s exposure to irreligious things.

That’s the price of living in a free country. You will definitely be exposed to things you don’t agree with. Being able to decide for other people what their religious values should be is called tyranny.

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Yes. Same sex marriage is like putting someone with green eyes to death.

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Ahh, like telling people who are gay they can’t get married.

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If it’s the government doing it then yes. It’s Tyranny. Individual churches cannot force their will on anybody. People are free to attend one that they like.

that works both ways.

If the media comes from an overwhelmingly liberal ideation, then there is an inordinate amount of liberal
ideation effecting children and family.

Media is controlled by a liberal ideation that interpret “freedom” differently from how religious people see freedom. The argument about the weakening of family and religious values going hand in hand has already been proven true.

For instance there was a time when Media, including Hollywood or NYC was not inordinately irreligious.

How has gay marriage weakened your family Or changes your values?

Who in this thread has said they can’t.

That’s a nice straw man you’re trying to construct.

Canon 4 of the judicial standards specifically addresses extra-judicial activities.

Just my two cents, but the only thing gay marriage has caused is for people to have to question and at times defend their beliefs. This makes some extremely uncomfortable, especially when doing so in front of younger generations who see same sex marriage as normal, or at least a non-issue. Before, when same sex marriage was illegal, an easy go to when questioned was simply that it was illegal, end or story. Now, since it is legal, people have to find other reasons to explain their disapproval.

There is no reason that same sex marriage should weaken the family or core values. It just makes people uncomfortable to now need to defend themselves without a law to act as a backstop.

Dealing with communist, atheist ideation thrown at you every time you turn on the TV. means that the 6 giant media corporations are trying to control America and the world to be sheeple and ignore religion and family values and forget traditional values.

Worship at the alter of Satan. We own you. We own your children too. In fact killing your children is a freedom as is encouraging them to be childless perverts.