Judge orders kansas sec of state to take legal classes

kris kobach,kansas sec of state, candidate for governor and vice chairman of trumps voting fraud condition got a beat down in court when he tried to defend kansas’s voter ID law

previously he had been held in contempt for violating court orders about registration
korbach personally defended the law in court and the judge ordered Kobach to take six additional hours of continuing legal education that “pertain to federal or Kansas civil rules of procedure or evidence.”


This is normal

It’s definitely entertaining.

Speaking of Kobach’s legal sanction only, and not about the striking down of the law.

I believe the sanction to be proper and appropriate.

First of all, Kobach is evidently NOT an idiot. He has a B.A. from Harvard, an M.A. an Ph.D. from Oxford and a J.D. from Yale. He held a clerkship, but at the Court of Appeals level, not the District Court level. He has experience litigating in federal trial courts, but appears to have a losing record, many of his suits being dismissed for lack of standing of the plaintiffs. Most of his immediate career before becoming Secretary of State was teaching law. I should note that as lead defendant’s attorney in a case against Hazleton, Pennsylvania, while he lost the case, he made an ass load of money, several million dollars, so it was not all bad for him. :smile:

But like many “advocates” he is blinded by the (at least his own self perceived) righteous of his own cause. He thinks he is “entitled” to waltz into federal court and blindly ignore all rules in furtherance of his holy cause.

But, in the end, he ended up on the losing end and basically a slap across the face.

He will learn nothing, of course, in the broader sense, though I do hope he learns to follow the Federal Rules of Civil Evidence when he attends his mandated classes.

But if he is elected governor and I pray that he is not, I believe he will be another Sam Brownback.

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So a federal judge decided that Kansas’ DPOC policy can’t be implemented.

“Defendant’s well-documented history of avoiding this court’s orders, and providing confusing notices and information on the state’s websites in conjunction with this court’s rulings, warrant specific compliance measures,” Robinson wrote.

She further ordered Kobach to…

“instruct all state and county elections officers … that voter registration applicants need not provide DPOC in order to be registered to vote, and need not provide any additional information in order to complete their voter registration applications.”

Apparently the judge’s order was to take effect immediately, however the spokesperson for Kobach had the following to say about the governor’s decision to continue to push forward with the DPOC policy:

“I think ‘immediately’ is kind of open to interpretation”

As Popehat says…

dude is having a hell of a week