Judge orders ICE to stop separating families and to reunite kids

a federal court judge issues a temporary injuction that bars the government from separating kids form their parents and orders teh reunification of families already separated

the government argued that trumps executive order made it unnecessary to grant an injunction but the judge didnt buy it and issued one

the ACLU also filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of separated families

the order give the government 14 days to reunite kids under 5,30 days for older kids

Does anyone know what method they used to keep track of these kids and who they belong to? Like, maybe pictures taken and/or wrist bands like they use in hospitals?

I would love to know that, too. This is the government, after all. #immigrantlivesmatter

Well this can’t stand any longer than it takes to go to the next level. There is no legal basis whatsoever for such an order.

Good on the judge.

Let the Trumpists go pound sand.

if you read the order there is a strong legal basis for it.
as part of teh zero tolerance policy the government is separating families who legally present themselves at the border and ask for asylum

this is teh actual order


It doesn’t help that this whole affair has been a cluster **** of the first degree from start to finish.

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if you read the order the plantiff lawfully presented herself at the border crossing and asked for asylum.
she was still separated from her kid
they kept them apart for 5 months
the woman was eventually reunited with her kid after being apart for 5 months
anothe plantiiff was convicetd on illegal entry and sentenced to 25 days. after serving the sentence she was kept from he kid for months while her claim for asylum was being processed. she has been kept from her son for 8 momths

No there is no legal basis for such a broad ruling. People being lawfully detained have to be separated from their children due to existing statutes and rulings.

This order will not stand any longer than it takes to go up the chain.

so…SOP for this adminstration

It is not going to go up the chain because Trump and company have already backed off under pressure from this policy.

Don’t count on it, there’s a clear separation of powers problem here and a judge who’s in conflict with existing law and prior rulings.

Quilloin v. Walcott and other Supreme Court precedents say differently. The State may not take a child, absent a finding of unfitness.

Do as the judge says, keep the families together and immediately deport them. Then everyone everywhere should be happy.

Lets do it this way.

Keep the families together.

Get enough Judges so that we can try cases expeditiously.

If they have a meritable claim to asylum, grant it, otherwise, by and with due process, deport them.

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children are separated from their parents who are jailed or otherwise incarcerated every day.

The resources don’t exist to do so and instituting such a program would cause a surge at the border that would quickly overwhelm all our resources.

Trump has already signed a EO saying he will no longer separate families so why does this ruling matter.