Judge gives Trump Admin 6 months to identify separated children (47,000 to comb through)


A Trump official says it may take up to 24 months.

Last year this same judge game them a deadline and it appears to have worked…

“The ACLU said the reunifications were generally successful because the government scrambled to comply with Sabraw’s order to complete the task in 30 days.”

So I guess if we want kids back with their moms we just have to tell the Trump Administration there is a deadline?

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How many of the 47K were separated under Obama? Notice the article does not answer that… And you won’t be able to find out on google…

It’s related to this OIG report, specifically talking about children separated under Trump’s policy:

In the summer of 2017, prior to the formal announcement of the zero-tolerance policy, ORR staff observed a steep increase in the number of separated children referred to ORR care. Officials estimated that ORR received and released thousands of separated children prior to the June 26, 2018, court order that required ORR to identify and reunify certain separated children. HHS has thus far identified 2,737 separated children who were in ORR’s care as of June 26, 2018, and whose parents meet the Ms. L v. ICE class definition. Additionally, from July 1 through November 7, 2018, ORR received at least 118 children identified by DHS as separated. However, DHS provided ORR with limited information about the reasons for these separations, which may impede ORR’s ability to determine appropriate placements.


I don’t see how that answers my question…

47 thousand kids separated from their parents is a staggering number.

It’s crazy

First response is an attempt to deflect to Obama… cheese and fries. You really have to avoid talking about Trump to think you “win”, don’t you? Does that sit well with you?

Let me help then…

“[ORR] Staff had begun informally tracking separations in 2016, recognizing that additional information and effort was required to locate parents of separated children. … ORR officials noted that, according to this tracking, the proportion of separated children rose from approximately 0.3 percent of all UAC intakes in late 2016 to 3.6 percent by August 2017.”

2016 was the tail-end of Obama’s time in office. From that time until August 2017 (Trump’s presidency at this time), the number of cases of children separated from parents rose 1200%. And… that’s before his zero-tolerance policy took effect, which exponentially ramped these numbers up.

But in reading this linked article, I couldn’t help but focus on the first exchange between Trump and the Reporter that is highlighted in the article. This is a perfect example of just how twisted Trumpsters are in believing whatever, literally whatever flat-out blatant lies this man says. Trump’s first response is to deflect to Obama when being asked a question about his own policies directly to his face. The reporter tries to ask again… [paraphrasing]“Trump, what would you do?” Again, he deflects to Obama, never answering the questions, but rather proceeds with a series of blanket lies. He literally claims that he (Trump) has stopped this horrendous practice started by Dems. Well, 47,000 kids with parents in unknown locations says otherwise.

But looky here, despite readily available information on all aspects of this, the Trumpsters still rush to his defense. First post in, and one of his biggest is parroting the same lines. I mean, to support a blanket policy such as this that separates children from their own families is downright inhumane and there’s no walking around it… anyone who supports this doesn’t have their moral compass out of whack, they simply lack any morality whatsoever.

7 responses. wow.

Who does this so called judge think he is? Nobody tells the president what to do. Especially not a judge with a foreign sounding last name. Those ‘children’ will be identified when the Trump administration gets around to it, if at all. Those IMMIGRANT ‘children’ wouldn’t be separated from their parents if they hadn’t fled horrendous conditions in their home countries, so it’s kind of their fault. Additionally, Obama knew that these people were coming but he did nothing to stop them, so it’s kind of his fault too. Trump has to do what’s going to work, so maybe more kids will have to be separated, so that will be the Democrats fault too.