Judge blocks trumps attempt to kill att time warner merger



Thanks Allan!!


News radio I am listening to just played a clip of him at a rally saying his administration would block the merger because it concentrated too much power.


It was all over the news during the election after he said it.

For example:

“From Fox News: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Saturday he opposes the $85 billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner, arguing the major media deal would result in “too much concentration of power” and vowing if elected to break up the deal.

“We’ll look at breaking this deal up,” Trump said at a policy speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, amid a Wall Street Journal report that an agreement between the companies had been reached.”

Read more at http://www.patdollard.com/trump-says-he-will-kill-85-billion-att-time-warner-merger-too-much-concentration-of-power/#toUIAuHShJD2wzah.99

I’ve come to the conclusion that a whole mess of people on this board don’t know anything about anything. Kind of bizarre for a political forum.