Judge blocks trumps attempt to kill att time warner merger

a federal judge ruled ATT can proceed with its planned merger with Time Warner
the trump administration tried to block it on anti trust grounds

It was pretty clear that the real reason trump tried to block it was his hatred of CNN. AT&T and TW are not in the same industry so there is really no anti trust issue. (this is time warner the media company not the cable company.)

I’m not particularly happy that At&T, being a scumbag company, gets bigger.

But on the other hand, the only reason the Trump admin opposed this is because of Little Donnie’s ongoing feud with CNN. So I really can’t be mad that a judge spat in his eye either.

Provide any actual evidence showing Trump was personally involved.

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Now now pIzza, att has put food on the plate of this liberal for 31 years, they are not all bad. I can vouch for that. Lol


“Trump stopped the merger” so sayeth his lawyer.

Maybe his lawyer is lying…lol


True story: The lone time I’ve ever heard my dear sweet mother swear, was on hour two of day four of trying to get our problem fixed.

If it was to you, I apologize on her behalf.

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(It was in At&T tech support if that wasn’t clear).

That’s no proof! That’s… hearsay! Fake News Maga stupid libs!

Too big to fail.

Well I work in the central office in nyc as an operations special, making sure our network is in tip top shape. Honestly I would rate att as a 6-7 outta 10.
Got our good points, got our bad points. Scumbag company…nah. I am a union employee and have always been treated fairly by the company.


Do you have any sway over outsourcing customer service and tech support to countries that barely speak English well enough to engage in basic communication with their American customers?

Asking for a friend. :wink:

This is right about the time when an argumentum ad hominem reponse will be coming because of der liberals media.

I have to deal with people from India all the time. They Just don’t get it and probably never will.

Let’s just say it is not a pleasant experience for the New York employees of att.

I feel everyone who has to deal with foreign people whose first language is not English.


I did two years as union employee for AT&T. Not bad. I remember we threatened to go on strike because AT&T wanted us to pay for a portion of our healthcare. Luckily, we didn’t strike.

It doesn’t even bother me that English isn’t their first language. It’s the ones I’ve spoken with that really to struggle to even engage in basic communication via English.

Oh well, it was worth a shot. :wink:

They SUCK.

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Sorry. Yikes a dissatisfied customer. Not good. Wish I could help.


Nah. I love my U-Verse. Just mildly annoying when I need some tech support. Kind of like the mild annoyance of no edit here. But I still love the forum.

Try this number next time

If you have any problems with ATT in the future, just get in touch with me.


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