Judge blocks DOD funds for border wall

Who could have seen this coming…

Trump will take care of this judge. He’ll be demoted to so called judge before he even blinks.



We can’t have oversight on trump.

It’s downright un-American.

The king should be able to do what he wants to make America great again.


…Gilliam, who was appointed to the bench by former President Barack Obama.

Anybody notice the pattern here?


Fake judge.


Trump doesn’t have a clue how government and the Constitution work. Under the Constitution Congress controls the purse strings.


That you see everything through a partisan lense?


I suspected that the judge would be an Obama appointee, opened the article and bam…there it is.

If it weren’t true though…I wouldn’t see it. Then I wouldn’t be partisan…amirite? :sunglasses:

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So the only reason you’re whining is because it’s an Obama appointed judge?

I am against politics entering our judiciary process. I want judges to be above that and if I can predict this, it’s a pretty good indicator that…politics has entered our judiciary process.

Good thing your boy has put an end to that. :roll_eyes:

About 261 of 558 district judges right now were appointed by Obama. Any case is gonna be about fifty fifty.

Prove it. The only politics is you accusing a judge of bias because of who appointed him. It’s up to you to show us that is the case.

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Nahhhh…put your head back where it was.

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Well, that escalated quickly.

We live in a society where a certain segment of the population sees conspiracies everywhere they look.


So by your logic any judge appointed by a President will always rule to benefit that President?

Classy as always.


More like…they should all be above politics, no matter who appointed them. Is this really a foreign concept?

Well maybe just maybe this judge is above politics and is reigning in the President’s brazen attempt to go around Congress when it comes to the purse strings.