JROTC Marksman Teams

So my high school AFJROTC now has a marksmanship team. Wish we had that when I was there. Unfortunately we had a hoplophobe (can’t remember her name) as super intendent freshman and sophomore years of HS and not Dr. Hartzler (who happens to be Conservative and I think he is also a veteran).

To me, this looks fun. Some people have complained that this might help entertain kids who have violent fantasies, but I promise you, if Sgt. Snow or Lt. Colonel McCool found out about that kind of thing from any of their kids (in ROTC), they would handle it or raise a red flag to someone who could. Plus, we are taught integrity, discipline and other values. It is ingrained into us along with drill/marching from the first day of Freshman year. Heck, if you are late 5 minutes, Col. McCool will be on your ass and the appropriate response is “no excuse, sir.”

I’ve never understood why some people think all “military brats” are just “gun nuts” and nothing else.

Back when Boy Scouts was for boys, we had marksmanship training. As far as I know, our “fantasies” had nothing to do with guns.
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But I did notice in your pictures, the targets look like head and chest shots. We didn’t have that.

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Letting kids shoot guns makes them less likely to shoot others. My experience is it’s people who come to shooing late in life that are weird about them. My family went camping a lot and I don’t even remember my first time shooting I was so young.

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