JOY’S ADMISSION: Behar Admits the Media Rushed to Judgment on MAGA Kids to Hurt Trump | Sean Hannity

Left-wing comedian Joy Behar weighed-in Tuesday on the media’s full-fledged breakdown surrounding a group of Catholic students in a recent viral video; admitting everyone rushed to judgment to hurt President Trump.

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The woman always says stupid things!

You can see Whoopi is beginning to see the light, but her cohorts keep coming up with lame reasons for their actions. Whoopi tries to focus them but it doesn’t work. We need Candace Owens to help Whoopi SEE.

A comedian is supposed to be funny. Even Don Rickles managed to be funny when he was insulting everyone. There is absolutely nothing funny about anything Joy Behar says. She and Whoopi have both become nothing more than embittered commentators rather than entertainers. Personally, I liked Whoopi better when she used to appear on Star Trek Next Gen.