Joy Behar next to Feel the Axe of Political/Racial Correctness?


Lol at calling that blackface and comparing it to someone in a KKK uniform.

Intent matters, any reasonable person sees the difference; and yes, neither is acceptable, but they are not the same.


Isn’t that culture appropriation? Or is it just when a Republican does it?


This would be closer, tacky, but not the same.


Megan Kelly opened her mouth up last year…and rightly got fired for it (just like Kathy Griffin got ejected from the CNN tower for her severed head stunt in 2017).

Joy Behar’s actions were 30 years ago. And to punish her now (or anyone else for that matter) is damned stupid, not to mention smacking of a witch hunt.

If you are going to punish her, you are 30 years too late.


Tell that to Ted Danson, Billy Crystal, and Gene Wilder. :wink:


So it’s okay if it’s on Halloween … and you are a liberal?

The rules are so confusing … :frowning:


It’s fun to watch you guys fall all over yourselves trying to rationalize this after your prior condemnations. :blush:


Then explain it. When is it permissible and when is it not.

For example, is it permissible for a black kid to dress up as Abe Lincoln? And if so/not, why?


What’s not blackface?


Before I was 18 I’d spent time in more than 30 states, Washington DC and I actually watched not only the news but the weekend talking head shows.


Catholic boys having a “blackout day” is “blackface”. Making yourself up to be a black woman for a party is fine as long as you’re on the approved list of leftwing talking heads.

Get it now?


IT’s pretty simple, if one is wrong so is the other. I’m not the one with an inconsistency problem here.


If this isn’t offensive neither was the Catholic School’s blackout day.


I thought it was funny that Megyn Kelly left Fox News, and
then got fired at NBC.

Joy Behar should be fired in general.


Well considering Halloween is the only time you would get a chance to observe what was acceptable for adult costumes I am impressed that you spent Halloween in 30 states by your 18th birthday. Very industrious on your part.


Why would they fire the person who epitomizes what their show is all about?


Eh, they compete against like Judge Judy and Maury Povich? I love how the right is so worried about a bunch of ladies talking to daytime television consumers.


Where did anyone use the word “worried”?


That would be due to the fact that I even know the show still exists (thanks to the CECs obsession), this thread being the latest iteration.


Don’t be silly. This is a discussion board and we’re just talking here.