Joy Behar next to Feel the Axe of Political/Racial Correctness?


Lolzzzz sad.


Can’t stop laughing. Thank you!


sorry brother, the link takes me to an image page. there’s no story.


i don’t think anything will happen to Joy Behar. She might receive a light scolding but she will not leave and this will die down because she is on the left.

It is interesting how Megan Kelly could get into so much trouble just for asking the question. I don’t remember the exact wording but she was asking if blackface is ok on Halloween. Then turn around and Joy Behar goes as blackface on Halloween nothing will happen, different rules.


The leftwing is a hypocrisy rich zone.

Two years ago I’d have said you were definitely right about Behar, but today, who knows. Like I’ve said in several threads the left is setting a standard they cannot keep up or they will rip themselves to shreds before 2020 even gets here.

The “purity tests” are getting ridiculous.


Blackface is racist.


Yeah i dont think this is the same either its not black face.


Just because something was “socially acceptable” back then
doesn’t mean that it is today.

My other point is that it’s pretty strange for a 29 year old to dress up for
Halloween. Usually children dress up. When people do dress up, it’s
usually as something scary. Please look up the actual premise behind
Halloween to better understand why this looks really bad on Joy as if
she is a Racist.


We are in complete agreement.


Lolzzzz @ adults not dressing up for Halloween.


Because you were a teenager in the 1970s, you know it was not acceptable to dress up like different ethnicities “anywhere” in the United States. That makes perfect sense, and does not inflate your scope of knowledge whatsoever.


Yeah that one ain’t working for me either…


Is she dressed like a KKK member or a minstrel?


No ■■■■■ where the hell is the black face?


BTW this kind of crap is concern trolling plain and simple. Lame. There is a currently active Republican Representative in Congress who was defending white supremacy 3 ■■■■■■■ weeks ago and he is at zero risk of losing his job. Cut the ■■■■■


Yeah these jokers can’t even get rid of Rep. Steve “White Supremacy” King and they are worried about Joy Behar’s Halloween costume from the early 70’s. Ha ha!


They think these are “gotcha” moments but we ■■■■■■■ see them. Clear as day.


Silly thread. After wasting 5 minutes skimming through it, there was nothing of value to be found. Maybe the OP should update the first post with a tl;dr: don’t waste your time.


He must not get out much.


One of these things is not like the other.

And I am on record as saying that what happened to Megyn Kelly is completely ridiculous. This picture of Behar is exactly the kind of thing that Megyn Kelly was talking about.

Anyone legitimately trying to compare it with someone in blackface is not very bright.