Joy Behar next to Feel the Axe of Political/Racial Correctness?


Joy behar should resign as governor of California


Nobody had a problem with the movie soul man in 1985, did they? It made people laugh! And vice versa…did white people have a problem with the Wayans brothers cop movie white girls? They were transvestites in white face. Hmmmmmm

I think that the issue has become too much of a political gotcha…rather than actual dismay over the issue!


Lol that’s not blackface and it’s definitely not denigrating to black people.



Why did she do it? There’s no info in the link, just the picture.


John Belushi is dead.

Joy Behar is still alive, and no I wouldn’t punish her anymore than I would punish all those politicians down in Virginia who did stupid stuff 30-50 years ago.

If this were Roseanne Barr-esque, and they did this at a Bohemain Grove ceremony last summer, yeah I would say the should resign.

30-50 years ago? Gimmie a break.


I’m not going to disagree with you on what you stated.

However I have been told this ■■■■ suddenly wasn’t cool in the 80’s and people didn’t dress up like that anymore, even though that is of course untrue.


I said somewhere today that this stuff was common in the 80s went in in my Fraternity…and myself and a couple others didn’t agree with it…we were told to suck it up. Lol. I still don’t think it is right but Behar did nothing wrong. And this stuff gets politicized.


She looks a lot better in costume than she does in person. :wink:


Is marking your ethnicity as “Native American” to get a free scholarship and ahead in life like Pocahontas be ok in life, especially morality wise?

You keep ignoring my question. Why?


I will be sure to not vote for Joy Behar and I will continue to fail to watch the show that she is on.


Is this your question? Joy Behar dressing up like that as a Halloween costume was socially acceptable back then. Blackface was not remotely socially acceptable in 84.

Pretty simple folks.


She’s defiantly hotter as a black lady, good catch.


She painted up her face and upper body and gave herself a Fro for the stated purpose of going to a Halloween party as a “black woman”.

Now according to all the outrage over the Catholic HS kids from KY this was “blackface” but suddenly when it’s done by a popular leftist talking head it isn’t.


Thanks for playing.


Socially acceptable according to whom exactly? I was a teenager in that era and it wasn’t acceptable anywhere.


The link takes you to the story. Try it again.


Oh well. Not everyone was in the middle of nowhere.


No it doesn’t. Try again.


Megyn kelley said the same thing and look where it got her. But i guess joy behar being a democrat is ok to do what megyn spoke of.


Even more “blackface hypocrisy” from some of the biggest stars on the left.

Where’s the outrage?


I guess Tom Hanks should now be on the chopping block as well.

Or will this be excused away too?