Journalists: The Guardians of Truth named TIME Person of the Year 2018

He will be the person of the century when he is done.

Winning the award for most corrupt administration?

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True, the creme of the crop.

Barring that, any DC scandal will do. Or letting the air out of footballs.

He hasn’t killed two US citizens yet.

True, he’s just given cover to and provided counsel on getting past it to someone who murdered a US Resident.

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Prepare for angry tweet storm. Journalists and social activists getting POTY? Trump will be pissed. As will his supporters. I guess The Great Orange Menace couldn’t pull it of…again. Think another fake Time cover will be in the making just so he feels better?

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Glad we could agree.

My day is a little brighter for it.

Mine too.


Your genuine concern for their deaths is inspiring. I’m sure you’re equally concerned for citizens murdered in their classrooms.



Yes it was, but a lot of trumpers are going to be very sad about this. They wanted their idol to be on the cover. You know - a real cover - not the one trump manufactured and hung in his golf club.

Indeed. Great choice and well deserved.

“person”. Well, let’s just say he was something. It’s ok to add “of the year”

Show some respect for the 45th president of the United Ststes of America!


Just as soon as he shows some respect for the office he occupies. I’m not holding my breath.


Show some respect for the Unites STATES of America.


Oh, the typo police? How pathetic.

Does “Guardians of the Truth” include sitting around giving “Pinocchios” to your political enemies?

Pompous mules.

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I try to help when I see those in need. That what Liberals do. But really, it shows little respect for the good ole US when you support a criminal for president.

When they lie their friggin butts off you bet your bippie.

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