Journalists: The Guardians of Truth named TIME Person of the Year 2018

Yes you are.

They don’t “work hard”. But that was funny.

Which people?

The fat donald effect. Their dear leader is going up in smock and they can’t stand it.


Did coal miners or the right get named Person of the Year?

Not taking the bait not so sneaky… Trumpflakes

Why did you put work hard in quotes?


I don’t understand. There’s no bait there. You made a statement, I asked for clarification.

Impeach him, I don’t care what he’s wearing.

By someone smarter than the right.

Don’t take the bait folks.


What a joke, enemy of the year…

The media. They may as well have given it to themselves.

The coal miners are my people of the year. They provided fuel for heat in all those homes in the northeast.

Thanks for the warning. Where is it?


Are you smarter than me?

Trump was the person of the year.

Poison is a more apt title.

Sure, he could have won the honor for his pathological lying, the felonies he’s committed or the cow-towing to North Korea, Russia or Saudi Arabia. A true trifecta of awfulness.

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His chances went up in smock.


Nothing like a good presidential scandal to get journalists doing stuff though.

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