Jordan overplays this one

Not just the points of agreement, but basically they shot down every democrat narrative on COVID response. If democrats wanted to stick to their narrative, they’d have to argue with the three of them (Fauci et al) and attack them themselves. Jordan’s grandstanding play gets in the way of what would have been a great day at this hearing.

all states are gerrymandered.

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Sweety, my opinion is not based on a single clip or word or phrase.

Sure it is, Jordan asked one question that led us here.



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Generalized? You ,mean like “they”?

Some states more than others. Some districts more than others.

nope. they are all gerrymandered to get a specific result or probability of result. There simply is no way to carve up a state that is not gerrymandering for some purpose. You just don’t happen to agree with a purpose that doesn’t get the result you want.

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No like “conservatives” or “democrat congresswomEn”

The Democrats, who else.

To say that President’’s actions didn’t save lives is stupid. The fact that other countries did it better should also be taken into consideration.

I will agree with “other countries achieved better results in their situations.”

Still wondering what Jordan was angling at, Dr Fauci wasn’t biting on any of chum Jordan was tossing. Perhaps this Committee “hearing” like other Democrat led soirées included the partisan hackery we’ve come to expect. Maybe Jordan, realizing Fauci wasn’t having any of what Jordan was selling, figured why not throw some talking points out there see if anything sticks?

Other countries don’t have to deal with the Floyd spikes. All of them are experiencing spikes in any sector of the economy they open. We always knew there would be spikes. The fact is Fauci and the other doc both said we are doing everything that can be done, and have been doing all that could or should have been done all along.

Fauci did “bite”. He was trapped.

Yes. Gerrymandering can be quantified. Gerrymandering can be minimized.

Why should it be?

All those NYC Floyd spikes. It’s nice to assume. I guess

Oh and a bunch of European countries had blm protests.

Defying a police order banning protests amid the coronavirus pandemic, an estimated 15,000 people marched in Paris in honor of Floyd and Adama Traoré on June 2. On June 7, the total was nearly 23,000 in the capital and other French cities. Another march is planned for Saturday.

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gerrymandering cannot be minimized. all redistricting is gerrymandering, the only question is what is being achieved.

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Yeah. I like Jordan. But he was putting on a show and was unnecessarily rude. This was not his best moment.

NYC still has a short period of limited herd immunity left. It will be ending soon and cases will start climbing upward.

Paris likewise.