Jordan overplays this one

Not true.
States that have the pols draw up the lines certainly are, on both sides of the aisle.
States that have independent committees, are drawn more fairly.

fairly in what respect? Fair because you think so? No, they are not. They achieve the result the “committee” desires. Instead of the people controlling the outcome via their elected representatives, some anonymous appointed committee does. CA uses a committe, how many minority party reps are in congress from CA? Does it equal their representation of the vote? Not even close.

A blue state should have more democrats representing the state, as a red state should have more republicans representing the state, at the national level This also applies to the state wide legislators as well.

In many of the red gerrymandered states, the democrats received more votes overall, but have less state seats…due to the drawing of the district lines.

Democrats have been guilty of this as well. It needs to stop.

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why would it need to stop? Surely the electorate will punish the abusers and the next time it will be different. Oddly, that’s about exactly how it works, and has worked since it was designed to work that way.

The complaint here was about Ohio, which got 56% GOP support in the vote. If you believe what you just said, why are you arguing with me?

It seems fairly obvious. Fauci’s advice to the public is nipped and tucked to fit the political agenda of removing Trump. He is vocally for states not allowing businesses to open to rescue the economy and people’s livelihoods, claiming that will worsen the pandemic. But is unwilling to encourage states to restrict protest gatherings because they would also presumably worsen the pandemic.

No, that is not what happens.

Gerrymandering is a problem, both “sides” should agree with this.

Why are you against independent committees drawing the district lines?

21 states do it that way now in some form or another.

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I vote for people and elect them to make these decisions, not to slough it off on an anonymous appointed committee that I can’t even vote out of office if I don’t like the result. I want my representatives to be responsible for their actions, not provide them with cover. No, absolutely not, I do not want an unaccountable to the voters committee to be choosing which district I vote in and by extension who I can vote for. Not just no, but hell ■■■■■■■ no.

It is not anonymous committees.

I stopped there.

Have a good day.

of course you did.

they are anonymous in that their names do not appear anywhere on a ballot that would make them answerable to the people who’s votes they have so much influence over.

now, as far as the hearing goes, like most things that ain’t bright and shiny, it seems to have run the news cycle. the only thing i see about hearings now is… “reclaim my time…” which is sad, because it was the exact opposite of informative.

I tried to tell someone here about Jordan’s grandstanding on Friday. They argued tooth and nail. Unfortunately, trump lackeys aren’t very bright.

odd that this is my thread then huh?

How about Jerry Nadler?

Maybe some of you might of forgot how our Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts had to remind both sides to maintain decorum during President Trump’s impeachment trial.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler started the ruckus by accusing Republican senators of “voting for a cover up” by killing amendments for documents and testimony of additional witnesses.

That outburst led to WH counsel Pat Cipollone firing back his own remarks “The only one who should be embarrassed, Mr. Nadler, is you. For the way you addressed this body. This is the United States Senate. You’re not in charge here.”

Then just last week, this same Congressman initially denied the Attorney General of the United States a five-minute break from testifying on Capitol Hill.

AG Barr had it right in saying to Rep Nadler:

“You’re a real class act.”

I was wondering that myself.

To call it grandstanding is to give it far more credit than Jordan’s performance deserved. His standing in the Republican Party speaks directly to a paucity of talent therein.

My opinion of Jordan is unchanged and is very accurate.

Gym Jordan needs to dress properly for the position he holds. I wish to gawd Pelosi would demand proper attire, like a ■■■■■■■ jacket!!

He says that out of respect for the office he wears his jacket when he is in the House chamber.

This thread is not about Jerry Nadler.

whatever else your opinion might be about American politicians, its irrelevant.