Jordan overplays this one

Jim Jordan, who I usually like, overplayed his position here. The overwhelming story coming out of this hearing should have been how Faucci et al completely destroyed every democrat talking point. They clearly refuted every attempted attack on our COVID response and exposed the democrat talking points for the lies they are. Instead of that, what we get is Jordan’s pressing Faucci. He should have taken “yes” for an answer and moved on. Faucci’s answer to him was a “yes”, it just wasn’t stated as “yes”.

Fauci knows exactly what he is talking about. His job is to dispense medical advise, not give recommendations on who should be arrested.


I agree, and that’s how Jordan overplayed it. A low key approach would have left no story from this hearing except how the democrats talking points were completely refuted and destroyed. Faucci et al were shredding the democrat talking points, instead we get Jordan pressing Faucci on something that is not in Faucci’s wheelhouse. This is a case where he should have been listening to what was going on and fed it, instead of running with his predetermined points.

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A thread criticizing Jim Jordan that liberals aren’t dancing in…

things that make you go, hmmmmm…


Or perhaps no one gives a crap about it.

I am sure it will get responses in due course.

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how civil! did the democrat talking points on the covid response being totally shredded by the good doctors and admiral anger you?

No mate, not at all. I have a life which is nOt defined by this place and definitely not by politics.


Well, Fox covered the real story, that Fauci stated that he and Trump have agreed on virtually every decision made by Trump, and that they worked together.
Of course the headline in CNN was about the Jordan questions. You think they were going to put up a headline that Fauci tells Congress that basically everything CNN has said about the way Trump has failed to handle the virus is garbage?

Conservatives want Fauci gone. Will they change their tune now? Since Fauci and Trump agreed on everything. So do Trump supporters support Fauci or denounce Trump AND Fauci?


Well, we know this statement is overbroad, as I consider myself a conservative and have never wanted Fauci gone.

Says who?

Gym Jordan’s behavior during today’s hearing shows that he wants to discredit Fauci. He doesn’t speak for all conservatives, of course.

I’ve never had a problem with Fauci, why would you assume any such thing?

Ah, so Story Time is beginning. Cool. I watched. I would say Jordan used Fauci as a stick to poke in the eye of lib hypocrisy.

But we can go with the lib narrative for a while.

I can only offer my own opinion on what I saw. If you want to categorize my opinions as “Story Time” I guess that’s your choice and you are free to do that. ToS and all.


I have some problems with him, but I don’t want him gone. Larry Brilliant isn’t coming back.

I think Fauci is coming to some realizations, he’ll be better for it.

I never said YOU did. I generalized my statement

Well Trump retweeted a “fire Fauci” tweet from a conservative. There was a trending call for his firing on twitter.

Yes, it’s Story Time. The creation of a narrative based on a clip or a word or a phrase.


We should do a poll!

He’s a loud mouthed politician from a gerrymandered state. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon. All the ineffectual yelling turns to background noise. After that, you only pay attention every once in a while just long enough to chuckle when he says something more idiotic than typical.

I’m sure conservatives have similar politicians on the other side of the aisle. AOC maybe?