Joint Chiefs chair says soldiers will not be involved in denying border entry to migrants

Just to make sure our friends that were all tingly about the president ordering active duty troops to the border are aware…

“There is no plan for US military forces to be involved in the actual mission of denying people entry to the United States,” Dunford said, speaking at an event at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. “There is no plan for soldiers to come in contact with immigrants or to reinforce Department of Homeland Security as they’re conducting their mission.”

Joint Chiefs chair says soldiers will not be involved in denying border entry to migrants

Everyone knows that the soldiers assigned to the border are going to be on tent setup and port a john cleanup duty.

Hey, grandpappy said that was honorable work

Militias will coordinate with Border Patrol for that job. Bring snacks, it’s gonna be bigly.

If this takes off, I may load up on Twinkies and Ho Ho’s at Costco and go make a killing selling them for $15/box to the militia… :crazy_face:

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This was all just a stunt. A very expensive stunt.

Yes, it was… AND it impacts the readiness of those units…

I read somewhere that it could cost up to $200 million. Fat donald and the idiots in congress could’ve used that money to hire more border patrol/ICE agents.

Joint Chiefs chair says soldiers will not be involved in denying border entry to migrants

…on this I agree.but illegal aliens are another story.

Better than being shot at.

Heh. The caravan is armed?

Oh yeah, rifle rocks.

Pebble Projectiles…

An illegal order (see Posse Commetatus).
Old military axiom, “never give an order that is going to be disobeyed.”

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Out of curiosity, have you seen the order? So far as I know, the troops were ordered to the southern border, which is happening. They were ordered to provide support in a number of ways, which is happening. What they won’t do is take direct action against the caravan unless posse comitatus is suspended - but so far as I am aware, that has not been ordered anyway. So the JCS chair is 100% following the orders given (again this is to the best of my knowledge, which could, as always, be incorrect).

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Trump sent our soldiers down there to setup tents and clean portable toilets simply to score political points or get votes.

How do military members here feel about a politician doing that?


No, they’re not.

what order is being disobeyed?

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Not to mention the morale.

Indeed. Only Trump, a NYC con artist real estate fake and Russian money launderer, would humiliate and embarrass our troops like this. They are nothing more than puppets, used in this case for domestic political theater. Maybe next Trump will make all the troops dress up in red MAGA hats. Maybe Lee Greenwood can be made an Army general.

JCS has command authority of their respective coffee mess, that is about it.