John Wick chapter 3

Holy ■■■■■ what are you waiting for? Go see it. Just got back and man, this was everything I hoped it would be. Blew me away. Gratuitously violent with an interesting protagonist, back story, and premise.

I was a bit skeptical of Halle Berry. I’m not a huge fan of hers-I think I’m mostly just not a fan of the movies she’s in. Like Mila Jovavich, I think she’s a fine actress, but ends up in a lot of ■■■■■■ roles (but not all bad). I REALLY liked her in this.

Most of the time, I’ll see movies on a matinee, but I’ve really been anticipating this and didn’t mind paying the evening ticket price. Completely worth the 8 bucks.

Good to hear. I worked on that movie. Worked on 2 also… have credit on that one.

I am going to see it next weekend because my wife is currently out of town


Also a weird fact.

The big gun battle in the Continental… that used to be my bank when I first moved to NYC.

Here is one of the pictures I took when we were putting that place together.

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I think JW1 is a modern action masterpiece, and 2 is an unexpectedly good follow up (considering how sequels often go). I couldn’t help but have high hopes for 3. I look forward to buying the 4k for 10 bucks on Black Friday :laughing:

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is keanu reaves really as nice and down to earth guy as we think he is?

John Wick 2 and 3 were the two toughest movies I have ever worked on in my life. And that includes a real turd called Sorcerers Apprentice.

With Wick 3… I got on the crew a little late because I was expecting that the show I was working on “Kevin Can Wait” would get a terrible third season and that my summer job of Project Runway would be around… but then Harvey Wienstein got busted.

So in the matter of a week I had my calandra cleared and I am friends with the Gaffer and best boy so I gave them a call.

It was a big big movie to work on. They closed down part of the Verrazano Bridge and put battery powered lights a quarter mile down the thing.

The big glass building set was as impressive in real life as it was i the film. While walking around it you had to keep one hand forward or you would walk right into a wall. A guy actually hurt himself from a fall when they were tearing it down.

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Yeah he is pretty nice.

One of the things that I didn’t put together over the past couple of movies is that his stunt guy grew up in my hometown and we went to the same schools. I knew his brother pretty well. And I get a flood of Facebook messages about “Hey… did you know Mack was on this?’”


Another funny story.

I never go to wrap parties because by the they happen I am sick of seeing those people… but apparently I missed out on the Wick 2 party because Keanu got wrecked and it was an incredible sight.

Sadly that didn’t happen at the wrap party for 3 … which I specifically went to to see Drunk Keanu… I was robbed.


Here is another picture of the Continental when we were putting it together.

That scene btw took two week to install everything and a week and a couple of days to shoot.

Just so people know how much good union labor goes into making these movies.

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And here is a quick one from Wick 2

This is from the opening scene in Wick 2 which took 2 weeks to complete. There were five cars that they destroyed. If you look at the picture, this car was modified so that the driver is in a roll cage on top of the car with Keanu inside the drivers seat. They remove the stunt driver in post.

While that’s awesome and stuff…I could have done the stunts with out the help…

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And another weird fact.

The location of the place where all the ladies are that do the thing where they type out the contract for Wick. The place with all the pneumatic tubes and such

That is in midtown Manhattan in the Building owned by the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen. It is a huge library of technical manuals going back to the 1700’s and is the largest collection of antique locks in the world.

Solidly Art Deco and super cool.

I saw it last night - it didn’t disappoint. The whole John Wick series has been one of my favorites. I was wondering if this one would be on par with the 1st 2, and it was.

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I saw John Wick 3 today, and it totally kicked ass.

The stunts and action sequences were awesome and well-choreographed. Another case for a Best Stunt Coordination Category at the Oscars.

Dying to see it again soon, and I can’t wait for Chapter Four.

Definitely recommend everyone to see it.

I give it a grade of an A-.



The dogs were impressive

Idk how they remember all the choreography… do they just do little small moves like 3 second shots?

They rehearse. rehearse, rehearse. and take their time.

The knife fight in the antique place took four days to shoot.


Will definitely be watching this one, the first one was excellent and this one has received great ratings.

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@Jezcoe flipping love your behind the scenes insights.

I am a huge movie buff and now developing an interest in how movies actually get made so I eat up your posts.

Thanks man, amongst so much dross posted on this forum you posts are pure gold. Lol yes that is a compliment.

I appreciate you want to retain some anonymity but can you tell us what your job is?

I do lighting.

More specifically I run a lighting console that controls the lights, whether they be conventional, LED or moving lights like in rock and roll.

Basically, I turn lights off and on.