John Wick 4 - One Long Fight Sequence

I watched John Wick 4 last night and came away with mixed feelings. As an action movie the set pieces and the choreography of the fight scenes were some of the best I have seen but at 3 hours too long. If they had cut out 1 hour and trimmed down some of the action scenes it would have been a tighter better movie for it (IMO). The best scene without doubt was the top down view of a fight in a house. Watching Reeves move from room to room taking down bad guys was great and very video gameesque.

Storywise its pretty paper thin but John Wick movies have never been about complex, nuanced storytelling. Its a continuation of the revenge theme but then again Wicks character is built around revenge and his ongoing quest to make some meaning out of his meaningless widower life.

Wick has it trademark neo noir action which is highlighted with its sprawling gothic architecture, and splashes or red, blue, pink and green against darkness. At times the neon pallette madecmy head hurt but you know going into a John Wick its going to be a headache inducing time.

Great supporting cast and I will admit other characters from the Wickverse got a surprising amount of screentime. The few scenes with Lance Reddick were poignant because of his recent passing. Donnie Yen as the blind assassin Caine and Ian McShane as the manager had their own story arcs and think could make pretty interesting spin off movies. And lets not forget my fellow countryman Scott Adkins appearing as one of the best villains of all time.

Even though it was too long its a great action movie and well worth a trip to the cinema to watch it on the big screen.

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Planning on having a father/son bonding moment this weekend seeing the movie.

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You will have a good time.

There’s never anything wrong with gratuitous violence for three hours straight. Can’t wait to see it.


The only thing better would be if my older boy was here to go with us. He is in Germany right now.

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Sucks mate. I know how that is. i have two daughters that live in England. Though the eldest is coming over in May with my grandson.

The soulless cash grab wasn’t what you were hoping for?



Duty calls…

at least in professional wrestling, you can have 3 hours of violence and everyone walks away in the end…

just a thought…

It’s simple. Since the first one, the John Wick movies are all about body count. The longer the action scenes, the more the number of bodies.

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Been enjoying the series

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Are you describing the Body Count of Life?

John Wick 4 may be absurdist, but it’s the best absurdity in IMAX ever.

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