John Walker Lindh is a free man

John Walker Lindh, the American who converted to the Taliban, has been released from prison and is now a free man. He’s been known to have penned letters of support for the Taliban during his prison time. But yet he’s being released.

What’s interesting here is that it has happened during the Trump admin. Had this happened during the Obama years, you know Trump would have bellowed and bellowed. I’m curious what his reaction will be now. The reaction of the RW in general – our host for one – will also be interesting to see.

And I don’t see a reason for his release.

He has done his time.

now of course he is not a totally free man, he will be on FBI and CIA surveillance as long as remains alive and not in custody. as he should be.


He finished his sentence, one can argue the sentence was to light if they like but he is technically through with his time that was given to him.

His release is per statutory requirements regarding gain time. Neither Obama or Trump could have changed that.

Which seems strange when you compare cases of other terrorists.

Hey cons, you guys need to catch up. Mike Pompeo is outraged. So is a Navy Seal.

He did the crime and served his time. What’s their problem.

President Donald Trump said Thursday afternoon that he heard about Lindh’s imminent release two weeks ago and sought legal advice in an effort to stop it. “I don’t like it at all,” Trump told reporters.

He claimed that Lindh had not given up his support for terrorism, but that authorities had to release him.

“Am I happy about it? Not even a little bit.” he said.

But, Trump warned, “We will be watching him – and watching him closely.”

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ There’s Trump’s opinion ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

In answer to your question as to why? The first person I’d ask, is Nancy Pelosi.

Lindh, the son of a Justice Department lawyer who grew up in a San Francisco suburb…

So what?

Oh and…

Instant pivot to conspiracy theory.

She is related to him as much as you are.

Walker now can be campaign manager for both Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar for their reelection campaign since its difficult for “ex cons” to be employed. Not too many companies are hiring anyone with Taliban fighter experience.

He probably will be moving to florida so he can vote.

This post demonstrates so much insight.

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