John Walker Lindh, American ex-Taliban fighter, to be released in May

How time flies.

John Walker Lindh is scheduled for release on May 23, 2019, after completing a 20 year sentence imposed in 2002, shortened by gain time. He has Irish citizenship and has indicated that he will immediately leave the United States for good on his release and move to Ireland.

Among the first terrorists to be convicted, he is consequently among the first to be released, but more will be coming, so the issue of keeping tabs on them will need to be addressed.

He is currently in the Communications Management Unit at Terre Haute FCI, having spent a few years of his sentence at ADX Florence.

Damn…I hope this isn’t the same lib rhetoric spouted during the 2016 election? :sunglasses:

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Register Number: 45426-083
Age: 38
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Terre Haute FCI
Release Date: 05/23/2019

Well he officially walks free tomorrow.

He will not be leaving the country for Ireland, as the United States has indicated they will not give him a passport. So at this point, no idea where he plans to go.

Is there any other mechanism to ship him to Ireland without a US passport?
Does Ireland even want him there?

Wouldn’t the Irish government have to give him a passport? I’m not sure how the rules work.

Walker Lindh is actually a dual citizen of the United States and Ireland and Ireland has indicated that as an Irish citizen, they will permit him entry if he can leave the United States.

The United States has cancelled his United States passport and presumably have confiscated his Irish passport, which (since he is a dual United States Citizen and under United States jurisdiction they may do).

Without a passport in hand, Walker Lindh cannot legally leave the United States.

Walker Lindh could try shooting the dice by illegally crossing the border to Canada and see if he could prevail on the Canadians to deport him to Ireland rather than back to the United States. But if he tries that and fails, he would face more United States prison time for the crossing attempt.

Other than that, he is stuck in the United States, unless the United States Government returns his passport.

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Thank you. That leaves me scratching my head as to why the Govt doesn’t want to get him the hell out of our country.

As a dual citizen couldn’t he renounce his us citizenship and get a new Irish passport?

Trouble is, for him to renounce his United States Citizenship he must actually make it to Ireland. He cannot renounce his citizenship while physically in the United States. He must do it at the United States Embassy or a United States Consulate in Ireland.

And even if Ireland sent him a new passport, the United States would simply confiscate it at the airport or at a border checkpoint if he attempted to leave legally.

Now he could, as I mentioned earlier, illegally cross to Canada and if he can get a hold of a physical Irish passport, that might bolster his case for Canada to deport him to Ireland instead of to the United States.

Interesting that a us citizen cannot leave the country without the government’s permission…

Nah, just has to make it to Ottawa, Canada and show up at the US embassy there.

“(5) making a formal renunciation of nationality before a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States in a foreign state, in such form as may be prescribed by the Secretary of State" (emphasis added)”

Of course he would be stateless unless Canada or Ireland want him.


or mexico.

I read that he agreed to this upon release.

He is going to be monitored like crazy.

It’s almost a guarantee that he ends up back in club fed for another committed crime. It looks as if his 20 year sentence has done him no favors


They want to keep him under close survallince that might lead to other terrorists.


If America dealt with traitors as they should be treated, he would be no longer present above ground/alive

Good. He did his time. Let him go.