John Ratcliffe was confirmed as new director of national intelligence

First order of business should be ho is working with Chinese goverment, who is enabling them and who is promoting Chinese propaganda and finally who has profit directly off of Chinese goverment.

And first place I would look is at DNC and Biden campaign.

They are national security risk…and should be treated as such.

We know collusion exist…

China is largest national security threat to America…and they own the DNC.

Just to set a good example, he should start with Donald and Ivanka. I hear they do business there and I believe they currently work for the US Government.



Just the DNC, huh.

Security threat
Health threat
Economic threat

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Yep. We need to find out China threat, and interactions with on our universities which DNC operate out of.

They’re all tied together.

Oh the possibilities.

Kermode beat me to it but why didnt you include Ivanka in your list?

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DNC ties with China goverment is bigger threat then buying cheap jewelry/cosmetics from China.

Don’t you agree?

Anybody from California is suspect. Pelosi, feinstein

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OMG, I so love that every time I see it :rofl:

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Oh yeah…and anyone that promotes China propaganda. I’m sure they can follow the money.

As the Presidents daughter and with unrestricted access to the white house it goes a bit deeper than that.

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Let’s hope we do, Conan.

I’ve nothing against the people of China. It is the CCP that needs to be extinguished.

Sorry…DNC is direct threat to America with their involvement with CPC and PRC.

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No its not. Just more stupid hyperbole.

Do you also believe that George Soros is sat in a hollowed out volcano directing “THE DEEP STATE”


Citation needed.

I’m not quite sure those investigations will go they way you want them to. But I have my popcorn ready!

Right…libs denial is same as admission.

Just like they supported Soviet Union those same libs support PRC and CCP.

20 years ago libs denied they were progressive and then openly embrace it. 10 years ago they denied they were Socialist and now openly embrace it…and now they denial they’re communist but openly embrace CCP.

I think anyone with contact with Chinese goverment is fair game…and thus should be spied upon.

Don’t you agree?

How do you get the Senate to confirm someone like Ratcliffe? You know the guy who’s name was withdrawn in August after he was deemed a poor choice for the job.

Put twitter troll Richard Grenell in that job.

It was a brilliant move… I must say.

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