John kelly opens up about trump

You are doing the same thing as they did, making connections without foundation.

He broke both the civilian and military chain of command and chose not to go to the IG.

That’s the problem.

No. I’m not ascribing any motive. I’m just repeating his testimony. He heard something that sounded odd and reported it. You guys are the ones imagining so much more.

Can you back that up for his position?

They should follow the proper reporting policies and chain of command, he did neither.

Of course, the NSC lawyers are not a part of his chain of command either through the civilian or military side.

He should have taken his concerns directly to his first line supervisor, if that person was unavailable (which isn’t even possible) you go to the next person up the chain.

You haven’t demonstrated that is the procedure for his position.

That’s the procedure for every position civilian or military in the US.

That is the globalist approach,. And the dems are sold out to globalism. "No borders. No walls. No USA at all. "

Nations are defined by borders, language, and culture.

Eliminate borders and we effectively have no nation left at all since the other two are long gone.

Assertion is not fact.

It is fact I’m asserting and you most definitely do not deviate from the chain of command except to go to the IG in a position as sensitive as the NSC.

Hell he even admitted to going outside of the chain of command in his testimony.

Federal prosecutors have declined to charge former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe,

What this shows is, that there’s a two tier system of justice that IMO…goes against everything that we stand for. Equal justice under the law is a paramount foundation to our country and this was not applied.

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Agreed but that isn’t what’s been happening.

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Lol… no…you just taken for a ride…

Are you referring to the McCabe decision?

John Kelly who libs are now in love with has always been a prototypical deplorable. He was plenty MAGA and worked hard to try and save Trump from himself but he doesn’t display lockstep fealty and thus he ends up holding the poopy end of the Manichean MAGA stick, it’s either 100% support no matter what or you’re off the bus. And probably heading under it, as we watch this thread being another contemporaneous example of that exact dynamic playing out.

It only took him, what l, six weeks as chief of staff to start telling easily disprovable porkies in front of a camera?

That your drip drip drip was a big plunk.