John kelly opens up about trump

He touches on immigrants saying they are mostly looking for jobs and not all rapists.

He agreed with what actions vindman took as well.
He didnt say trump should be impeached but you can tell he thought it was at least wrong.

Overall it looks like he thought he was a shield and could have stopped certain actions…

Seems like Kelly is maybe trying to save his name when this all crashes…or trump is done in a year or 4.

He did not save his name. what he did was show that he cannot keep high level confidential things confidential and that he should therefore never be trusted again or offered the opportunity to be in any position to break a trust again.

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I have to wonder why anyone would want a job in the Trump administration. You know going in that the guy despises the ides of accountability, and will rarely, if ever, heed your professional advice. You’ll spend a lot of time defending and / or being forced to cover up questionable behavior. And may God have mercy on your soul if you ever report questionable behavior to the appropriate parties. You will have around 63 million people ready to execute you.

And the biggest kick in the gut of all is that when Trump has had his way with you and / or gets bored with you, he’ll throw you under the bus. Then, you realize that by aligning with Trump, you pretty much burned your bridges with anyone and everyone else who would be in a position to help you kickstart your career.


Another bad choice by the President has exposed themselves as…a bad choice.

K…but Trump was speaking of illegal aliens.


Wow, earth shaking news there. Nobody ever stated all immigrants are criminals of any kind much less rapists.

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And he never even intimated they are all rapists.

They pick a soundbite and then play it over and over and over to represent it as what was said. It’s the same thing they did in Charlottesville and the liberal mode of operandi.


I can’t wait for Amarosa to magically reappear.

Surprised Kelly didn’t have any clandestine audio wishing him well.

Being published in The Atlantic we should know it’s completely biased without reading further.

When you do look at it though look at how carefully and very selectively one and two word quotes are inserted between the authors own bias and partisan opinions.

It’s a crap article period.


How did he do this?

Wow that really changes things…I never considered that…:rofl:

Trump hires only the best and the brightest - just ask him.

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That…I believe. You rarely do.

We all heard it and yet…the list of bad choices is longer than the good ones.

That’s a wonderful nit…

Yes that was a very telling story at the time. really showed peoples true colors

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Spoken like a sheople who filled themselves at the trough. Now…say it…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad.

It speaks volumes as to how you’re being constantly manipulated and then come regurgibleeting it here in Hannity Land.

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Yup irony