John Kelly lost his mind

I’m surprised he hasn’t quit. Trump supporters should thank this guy or else your messiah would be in even deeper ■■■■■

Kelly warned Trump that by saying he had no reason to believe Russia would want to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, it made things infinitely worse for him with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Sherman reports, and he also urged him to take back the remarks, which he kind of attempted to do on Tuesday.

Fake news! He really was hoping for a McGriddle and all they had was oatmeal.


Oh he’s going to quit. He only has until July 31 to make his full year.

Bet ya an avi he ain’t quitting until after the mid-terms. :sunglasses:

For all the liberal media talking about Kelly being an honorably, steady hand, he’s just another deplorable.


Yeah, seriously - ■■■■ that ■■■■. Anyone working for this ■■■■■■■ is culpable in the destruction he is causing to our country.

He’s as bad a Trump or he would have resigned a long time ago.


Why do republicans need permission to speak out about Trump?

Trump is cool…



Notice every time Trump creates a firestorm, a positive article about John Kelly always shows up. I call BS! If Kelly has such a problem with Trump’s actions, he would’ve quit a LONG time ago. Kelly is just another Trump bootlicker.

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Hard for Donald to establish and maintain a cult of personality if his own party is sniping at him. This is so much easier in Russia.

^^^ this

Resign. Go on the record.


Why is this one time highly lauded Military leader tossing his legacy into the dustbin of history by serving this ignorant man-child, Putin loving SoB, who will surely destroy Kelly and make him a footnote in future history books as the "willing minion of Donald Trump, the worst American President ever. EVER

Its like merely having an ounce of ability to stand up to Trump gets anyone browny points. smdh.

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At one point, liberals and conservatives alike were praying that Kelly would become shadow president of the US, despite his complete lack of political experience. Lol

I think we saw what Kelly was made of during his Frederica Wilson face plant. That’s when I wrote him off as just another garden variety deplorable.

I called it when everyone was panting over him. A chief of staff has to be a master of political nuance and tactics even if his master doesn’t have the temperament of an eight year old child with ADHD.

Despite all the hemming and hawwing about muh msm librul media so powerful! The media we have now is so easily played.

the only one left seems to be Mattis who seems to be doing his own thing with the military