John Kelly: I believe John Bolton

It’s a phenomenon that bends space time.

Adam Schiffless believes too.

Sounds like something Adam Schiffless would say.

Except John Kelly said it, ain’t that something?

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John Kelly can say anything he wants to. That is cool with me.

I heard what Kelly had to go through from the book stable genius. Trump is an ignorant danger to this country.

Except it’s something Trump has literally said multiple times.

Why is he doing a great job?

Uh no



:smile: be my guest, the text is not mine :stuck_out_tongue:

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And all this time I thought John Bolton was John Kerry’s nickname.

Kelly is not a senator.
If he was, his opinion would be important. It’s not.

The thing with the internet there are recordings of what Fox News employees had to say about John Bolton when he was a contributor on Fox News. Compare and contrast that with what they NOW say about John Bolton.

There is also a record of what Adam Schiff said about John Bolton in 2005. “He has a lack of credibility”.
What does Schiff say about him now?

Put him under oath. Let’s see how credible he is.

Bolton angle died when the radio free Europe video emerged.

A lot of people lie under oath, especially about a one-on-one conversation.

It’s a shame that nothing ever happens to people who lie under oath.

Only if they have more to lose by telling the truth.