John Kelly: I believe John Bolton

Just some bitter ex-employee never-Trumper sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong I guess?

Didn’t think it was at all likely that Bolton would end up testifying, but in the past day or two i’m more optimistic. Getting harder for Senate R’s to ignore.

The Whitehouse made rather a big error in not telling Senate Republicans about that transcript as well.

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Never trust people who defend others with the same first name.

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In before “libz new hero.”


The kicker as I see it is that Kelly had some great relationships with Republicans on the hill. Everyone knows that he tried to keep the madness in check in the WH. And they certainly respect his service to his country. He is going to be difficult to ignore.


I think it was pretty easy to guess what he was thinking on the multiple occasions that he did this.


Kelly was always an odd duck in that respect. One of Trumps biggest defenders but he also clearly thought little of him.

Well, I guess it’s not all that unusual amongst his defenders.

Especially when the first name is used as a pseudonym for a toilet, a hookers customer or a good bye letter.

Strangely we have a long list of heroes-

Bannon, Kelly, Mattis, Tillerson, Cohen, Bolton…

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I give him credit for his devotion to his country and therefore he considered it his duty to do his best to run the WH staff and reign in the president when he thought Trump would abuse his power. It is pretty sad that Mulvaney didn’t even seem to try that hard.

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I can image that Mattis and Tillerson are getting a lot of calls trying to get statements.


You know someone is a good boss when every single person that used to work with them hates them.

I love how always Trumpers hang on the “disgruntled former employee” talking point like that in itself isn’t damning.


Kelly who? Never heard of him.


Think he fetched coffee or something.

Or never trumper. Gotta label everybody

You must be a maybe Trumper. :wink:

More of a ■■■■ trumper

Trump: I don’t really know John Kelly…we may have talked once or twice…only met him a few times.

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…birds of a feather…

That’s what I have always thought about in regards to trump.

My old job there were probably 30 different crews, you would see a good apprentice basically start with one crew and never get transferred. Then you would have the useless apprentice who gets tossed from crew to crew. The apprentice would always have an excuse, this guy is dumb, that guy lies, whatever.

You realize pretty quick that certain people just cant work with others.

I don’t see alot of former employees of trump coming to his defense, I think it is telling.

Well, of course Everyone knows Trump with held the aid for person gain.