John Durham probe into FBI conduct has now turn into a criminal investigation

True that. It’s going to get ugly. Possibly we will see the levels of ugliness after 2016 election or kavanaugh being placed on the supreme court.

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zzzzzzzz… Let me know when a grand jury indicts someone…

i doubt everyone’s as sleepy over this

there can be a gran jury now. plus subpoenas


There are better chances of an indictment from this than the current grandstanding Pelosi is doing with impeachment and coming to a vote.

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Great! Let me know when that ACTUALLY happens…

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Rudy says hi!

ok dismiss it all you want. but it’s a big step.

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So today is Friday. Is that one of the days of the week that we trust Horowitz, or one of the days we declare him a deep state agent? It’s hard to keep track.

Predictable news… having the predictable effect of raising the spirits of Trump supporters and giving them a diversion from the mounting evidence of the President’s abuse of power. Just yesterday the Italian government told Barr and Dunham to give up trying to score points around Proessor Mifsud… had to do something.

So know we can watch all the people who are so angry because they believe Obama used the FBI to go after his enemies cheer while Donald Trump does uses DOJ to go after his enemies.

Enjoy your witch-hunt and your distraction.


there is no evidence of abuse of power

turn off msnbc and the view

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Boy, the FBI sure bungled their nefarious scheme. Not only did they not release any of the dirt against Trump until after the election, the head of the FBI went on TV one week before the election and said he was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s emails, which put the nail in the Clinton campaign’s coffin.


who said horowitz is trusted?

no. you’re confusing the soviet style clown show impeachment process with non political people


is it ever?

Was that a real question?

Yea, we’re totally marching people in front of troikas then taking them down in the basement and summarily shooting them. Totally, dude. Totally.

This “Soviet style” language is hilarious. The drama. My god.


All while clamoring on about wreckers, saboteurs, traitors, and “enemies of the people.” It’s irresistibly ironic. The first president ever to declare “enemies of the people” then declares “Soviet style” hearings! It’s too much.

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FWIW, I saw Mr. Clapper on a cable news show yesterday. He was asked about this new development and how he felt about being a possible target of the investigation. He simply shrugged and stated he had no idea what the investigators would be looking for.

Didn’t seem rattled to me.

It’s double topic secret but shrugging is spy code for very worried… :rofl:

Why isn’t this investigation public? Where’s the transparency? Why is KGB Barr running around in secret?!