John Boehner is hawking Cannibis?

I just heard a commercial on the radio for The American Cannibis Summit, hosted by none other than former Speaker John Boehner. He says his thoughts on cannibis have ‘evolved’.
Hmm. I wonder why?

He’s now on the board of directors of a cannabis investment group after decades of being one of the driving forces in keeping it illegal. Noting more than a parasite

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Yay for cannabis!

and Boo for Boehner! Groups like his are going to ruin cannabis. They’re great if you don’t mind pesticide laded brick weed being farmed by machines. Horrible if you enjoy any type of quality and/or would like to jobs produced.

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He was smart to leave politics just before the ■■■■ show.

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Can’t deny that one

…2 more days until Michigan votes to be the 10th state to legalize recreational cannabis. North Dakota looks iffy

Thrilled, two hour drive from my house in Ohio.

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Going to have to keep an eye on it all and support smaller local growers. Or grow at home for those who can. The like of Boehner being involved does not bode well for safety and the little guys.

Think Ohio is likely to legalize in the near future?

Near? No. Within five years, maybe. It is however currently pretty much decriminalized, with the penalty for simple possession being a misdemeanor carrying a penalty of a $150 fine.

Well that’s a start I guess. Hopefully Michigan legalizes (can’t imagine they don’t) and that the limit you can buy is per store, not day, so that you can stock up a little. :slight_smile:

If the limits are anything like Colorado, I can easily buy a month or two worth in one trip. And that doesn’t count the ability to buy seeds or starter plants coupled with it only being a misdemeanor if you get caught growing for personal use.

Wow that’s not bad. Here, someone lost their house for not having their plants securely locked up. You can grow legally of course but not just in your backyard.

One of the things being promoted at this conference are stock opportunities in this company, of which he is a board member: Acreage Holdings is a vertically integrated, multi-state owner of cannabis licenses and assets in states where either medical and/or adult use cannabis is legal. Headquartered in New York City and currently operating in 11 states, Acreage owns cultivation, processing and dispensary operations and has among the largest footprints of any cannabis company in the U.S.

No way I would invest in any company doing recreational while it remains illegal federally. The wrong people get elected and you could end up doing a long stretch in a federal penitentiary.

Same reason any politician evolves - follow the money/votes.

Boehner doesn’t seem to be afraid.

I think it’s pretty clear that the tide is turning.

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I would be cautious too. Its probably safe enough criminally but there are a lot of forms you might have to either lie on or admit you broke a Federal law. And you might have to move to a state that would look unfavorably to that. I don’t know how it would be taken these days on a Federal job application.
I can remember when even a small amount could get you ten years here in Texas.
As far as Boehner, you don’t think they could be paying him, do you?