JOE WINS! JOE WINS! (Right Libs?)

You just wait until this election.

Can’t have voters prove if they’re US citizens right?
Wonder how many ballot harvesters the Demoncrats have hired for this go around?
‘Mocracy an ‘at! :crazy_face:



Secure luddite. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good for you. So have I. That doesn’t change the fact that there are more opportunities for fraudulent votes via mail than there are in person.

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That is your opinion. But even if it is true, that isn’t a reason to get rid of mail ballots. In either case, we are talking about individual fraud, not fraud on a scale that can overturn an election.

No there aren’t.

It isn’t my opinion, it’s the details of the process. Voting by mail simply has more opportunities for fraud than in-person voting. The gaps in the security of the ballot inherent in mail-out voting do not exist at the polling precincts.

If the fraud that is caught was all of the fraud, you would be correct. But that’s the problem … nobody knows how much fraud is going on undetected.


There you go again …

There’s your boomer fee fees again. Don’t be a Luddite.

Don’t be a know it all.

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Well, Lyin’ Joe is at it again :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. He’s spoken for several minutes with only a few gaffes, but the lies… Oh man.

It really is just your opinion. In your opinion, you are unable to articulate your concerns beyond implying that since no one knows how much mail ballot fraud is undetected, we need to eliminate mail voting. Thankfully no one is really listening to you. :wink:

One take away from the below article is the tracking. With that tracking, a voter can check on the status of their ballot at any point in the process - from before their ballot is mailed until their completed ballot is returned and recorded.

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What would you expect election officials to say? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Seriously? :roll_eyes:

You have yet to produce anything beyond your simple opinion.

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Yes … Seriously. What would you expect them to say? That there are several gaps in the security of this process where the ballot and the legitimate voter can fall into someone else’s hands both before it is marked and before it makes it back to the counting location?

I’m not saying it has happened nor am I trying to prove it happens. I am saying that it can happen, and that there is virtually no way to detect it if it does.


You keep alluding to gaps in the security of the process, but you have yet to point to where exactly those gaps reside.

Please enlighten us.


You have more patience with libs than i do. :slightly_smiling_face:


Based on prior conversations with you, you should know that I’m no LIB. Not by any stretch of one’s imagination. The issue of mail ballots isn’t a liberal nor is it a conservative issue.

In the not-too-distant past, I too was against mail ballots. Over the last few years, now living in a State with mail ballots, I’ve come to realize that my prior position was simply a knee jerk conservative reaction.

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Yet don’t.

Here is an example of how the mail ballot is verified in Colorado.

Note a signature is required on the back of the mail-in envelope. The envelope is never opened until the signature is verified. Thus, any human intervening for a signature that is rejected would have no idea who the person is voting for. Also note the tracking system available to each voter.

So, let’s say some nefarious person does get a hold of the ballot prior to it arriving to the intended voter. What could they possibly do with it? They would have no clue what the voter’s signature looks like, and thus they would never be able to use the ballot.

Let’s say the voter receives the ballot, votes and signs the envelope. Before it gets to the counting location it is intercepted by a nefarious person. Then what? That person couldn’t do anything with the ballot, other than prevent it from reaching the counting location. But the voter would quickly be able to see in the tracking system that the ballot never arrived.

I anxiously await your thoughts on how such a system could be defrauded on the scale necessary to change the outcome of an election.