Joe (the foggy old man) Biden "I'll beat Donald Trump. I will beat him again in 2020."

I ll call it whatever you want.

The Democrat party and the hard left today are a disgrace…the single greatest threat to our freedom and to our republic.

It’s hard for a lot of folks to understand that because so many are working two jobs just to afford to buy food and pay the rent…

What do you want to call them.

Libs, leftists, marxists, authoritarians…

I’m kinda fond of toxic lying leftist hypocrites…

For all its bluster the Democrat party is a disaster and a threat to our freedom and our country.

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This calls for a classic. lol


They say cream rises to the top.

Well so does grease.


They’re libs. Not liberals.

Anything but liberals please.

Hang on should that not be spelt libz!!! I see many posters using a z for some unfathomable reason.

Is it the same reason some here use “conz”?

Never seen conz but who knows :grinning::man_shrugging:

There’s a little search button at the top. Try it.

Your point is valid, but that cow left the barn many years ago. Today it doesn’t really matter what we call them or what they call themselves, they are destroying what Liberalism created 248 years ago.


The whole country (including you) knows that “lib” is simply the abbreviation of “liberal,” just like “con” is the abbreviation for “conservative.” The silly games we play … :neutral_face:

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It’s hard for me to care about the sanctity of the label…

The corrupt lying toxic left wing democrat party is today a threat to this republic…these are liars from their president to the president’s family to their leaders in the house and senate to their media allies to sadly their useful mouthpieces on forums like this one regurgitating the lies.

Re: the Biden’s today…leftists had to have known Joe has lost it…yet they have gone out of their way to peddle fairy tales about how vigorous ole’ Joey is.

What else are libs routinely lying about…as they pursue their authoritarian dreams.

I’m glad to see more and more conservatives telling lefties to go pound sand. Enough with the lying corrupt o crates on the left.


That mouth-peace Piere says Joe has a ‘record’.
:rofl: EVERYONE has a ‘record’ of somekind.
Her record is lying through her teeth and with straight face.

I have a record but ask me to jump 1 foot and not brake my neck TODAY…it’s a differnt story.
She insults people’s inteligence by spewing praises and Joe’s ‘record’.
Serial killers have a record.
Not one is spared a needle on their ‘record’.
How stupid does she think people are !
When we talk about WHO should lead the Nation for 4 more years we don’t look at how he DID in the last 50 y.
We look at WHAT he can do the next 6 months, never mind the 4 more years.
And to have NO way of removing a joke like her from the microphone is realy a sad state of the affair.

Politics got realy ridiculous as of late.

Kjp is an idiot.

Gotta cut her some slack because she’s the public mouthpiece for a corrupt lying buffoon…

But she has cemented her reputation as a moron.

Sorry libs that’s the truth.

Remember during the campaign Biden proudly claimed his cabinet would look like America…

Never ever ever ever vote for someone who advocates surrounding him or herself with people based on skin color and who they sleep with as opposed to whether or not they are the best people available…

That’s how you get a cluster ■■■■ like we have today.


I personally think she is very smart. There is no way a dumb person could defend the nonsense coming from Biden et al with such ferocity. Her job is to communicate to the Media exactly what she is told to communicate and she does that very well even though she undoubtedly knows it’s ■■■■■■■■■ I don’t envy her at all.