JOE IN TROUBLE: Biden Campaign in ‘Agony’ over Iowa Results, Call Caucus a ‘Gut-Punch’

Originally published at: JOE IN TROUBLE: Biden Campaign in ‘Agony’ over Iowa Results, Call Caucus a ‘Gut-Punch’ | Sean Hannity

Former Vice President Joe Biden -once with double digit leads in the polls- took a “shellacking” in the Iowa Caucus this week; with campaign insiders confirming the team is rapidly considering ways to turn it all around before the New Hampshire primary next week.

“While the full Iowa caucus results still aren’t in, Biden’s unexpectedly weak performance Monday — he’s in fourth place with 16 percent with 97 percent of precincts reporting — has provoked frustration and recriminations within the campaign, according to interviews with more than a dozen campaign aides and surrogates,” reports Politico.

“None of us thought we were at 13 percent,” the person said. “We can’t be in fourth place. That just cannot be right.”

Biden Reacts To 4th Place In Iowa: A ‘Gut Punch’ #ICYMI

— The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) February 6, 2020

“We had precinct captains who didn’t know how to run a caucus. And a few didn’t even show. We lost friggin’ people on the second ballot of voting in the caucus. Someone’s head had to roll,” added a senior campaign insider.

With over 90% of the precincts reporting, Pete Buttigieg maintains a narrow delegate lead over Bernie Sanders each with 26% of the vote, followed by Elizabeth Warren at 18% and Joe Biden at 15%.

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Source: Politico